Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Closure of this blog

Hi All,

It brings me great sadness to announce that I would be closing this blog. This is due to increasing work load on my side and hence I am unable to maintain this blog any longer.

Sad stuff aside, hope you all have liked what I have done to the blog.

Thanks for visiting it =)

Best regards,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heechul and IU connect

IU recently called on Young street and chatted with Heechul. Check it out!

IU(calling in): Youngstreet is the most meaningful program I’ve done.
Heechul: I am very thankful. You don’t want to call in but you agreed anyway. Today is the last broadcast of Youngstreet, say something.
IU: I can’t imagine Youngstreet without Heechul, it’s such a pity. It must have bene hard on you.
Heechul: Thank you, how embarassing, i’m going to cry soon. Actually I know that you had a tough time doing it but you have musical talent and you’ve been growing very well, so you must hold on tight, hold on.
IU: To be honest, after leaving Youngstreet I haven’t laughed like that in ages.
Heechul: Speaking of that, I haven’t invited you to eat sushi with me yet.
IU: Yes.
Heechul: If I had a chance I’ll invite you and your manager out for dinner. Let’s listen to a song of IU’s. You hand up first.
IU: No you hang up first.

cr: minbunny

Kiss and cry previews!

Next week's kiss and cry sure look exciting =) check it out!

IU and Luna's special performance

Fresh out of the oven! Enjoy!