Saturday, January 29, 2011

IU talks about her "men"

 **Updated with a video clip of the interview
IU recently appeared on Y-Star's "Star news top 10 reactions" and was asked about her changing ideal men during the interview.

JYPE responds to 'Some Day' Plagiarism accusations

JYPE has released an official statement with regards to the plagiarism issue! Go under the cuts to check out the translated article!

Friday, January 28, 2011

'Some Day' Plagiarized?

IU's song 'Some Day', written by CEO of JYPE Park Jin young was accused of being plagiarized.

IU is a fan of "Hometown at Six"

On the 27th January, in an interview with SBS's "One night in TV entertainment", IU revealed that she was a huge fan of "Hometown at Six" a KBS program that aims to bring back busy city dwellers to their hometowns, as well as introduce new culture and re-awaken the importance of enjoying life. She stated, “My grandmother loves ‘Hometown at Six,’ so I watch it as well.” 

Don't you just find strong bonds to grandparents something very sweet?

Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop

Pilsuk slims down

Pilsuk, the currently most loved character in the show in, but still slightly behind the original person which everyone found her crush on 'Jason' endearing has gone through slimming program aiming to reduce her body weight by 30kg in 200 days. I need that too...seriously...sigh

Her diet was shot in exactly one day, as a representative on set revealed, “IU showed off impressive jump roping skills and gave a victory sign towards the camera even after the recording was over.  Her bright image gave us further anticipation towards Pil Sook’s transformation.”

The transformation will be unveiled in the drama’s eighth episode scheduled for January 31st. So stay tuned! =)

Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dream High Episode 5 English subs

Update: The links on this post have been removed. Please visit the VIDEOS section for the new links

Are you ready for episode 5? Check it out yo!

Updates from Dream high

Lot's of updates from Dream High!!!!!

Woo-U couple strikes?

Male fans...I suggest you not read this.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dream High Episode 4 English subs

Episode 4 subbed! gogogo!

The dates never stop for IU

I guess she's at the age where guys find her irresistible huh? Remember the time when we reported that IU went on a date with Kim Tae Woo? Now there is another report of another date with another celebrity

And he is none other than....

KBS 'Winter Concert' to be serenaded by IU with Korean traditional music

Yes, the topic says it all. We, IU fans, are in for a treat as IU will be performing in the KBS 'winter concert' displaying her famous 'three high notes' in Good day using korean traditional music...

IU didn't expect her part in "Dream High" to grow

Perfect model for a slimming ad huh?

Anyway, in a recent interview with IU's representative, he/she stated that when IU initially first got the script, they didn't expect IU's role Pilsuk to develop this much. However, IU was very happy about this development and is enjoying it alot.

Go under the cut to look at the translated article! =)

IU starts filming for online game "The Story of the Horse and Me, Alicia"

Don't you just love this picture? *melts*

Vote IU for 2011.1.24 to 31 @ Sportchosun Music Power Ranking!!!

SportChosen has recently started its' online voting for best musician for the week starting 24th January to 31st January. It's time for us IU fans to band together and push our girl to the skies! Currently, DBSK is occupying the top spot with 20,160 and our IU has only 805 =(

Come on peeps! Let's show our love for her by voting!

Click this link to vote: Sports Chosun

Remember the voting lasts till 31st January so be quick!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing to do on Lunar New year?

Update 2: Included more photos of their date!
Update 1: Included a fancam of Taewoo carrying IU

Don't fret!!!!Cause....

In one article from Star Today, IU was spotted dating her idol Kim Tae Woo!! *gasps!!* But fortunately, it was for an SBS Lunar new year special!

Check out the translated article! =)

Dream High Episode 3 English subs

Hey all! Episode 3 subbed!

May the force be with you...

Ok, before you all accuse me of being lame, there is a reason for using this title. Recently, a fan of IU created a fan made video of IU appearing in a star wars scene on the 23rd January. Since then it has garnered lots of attention from the netizens. The netizens gave explosive responses by commenting, “So amazing,” “It’s superb!,” “I’ve burst out with laughter,” and “IU’s the best, when did you star in ‘Star Wars?!’

Go below the cut for the video =)

The milky couple performs!

The milky couple has finally performed on stage!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dream High Episode 2 English subs

Here we go! The 2nd subbed episode of Dream High!

Kim Taewoo would turn down IU

Do you all still remember IU stating that Kim Taewoo was her ideal type? Now Kim Taewoo has a response with regards to it. Check out the translated article!

IU>Wonder girls?

In the recent KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay”, the reporters interviewed 2PM on many topics including Taecyeon and Wooyoung's involvement in Dream High. One of the questions involved which OST did they like better: Sunye or IU?