Friday, January 28, 2011

'Some Day' Plagiarized?

IU's song 'Some Day', written by CEO of JYPE Park Jin young was accused of being plagiarized.

It was been stated that the song 'Some Day' was very similar to Ash's 'To my man' which was released in 2005. Check out the video below:

Upon hearing the news, netizens have been reacting strongly with comments of, “Park Jin Young plagiarized a song made in Korea?”, “It’s way too similar. Give us an official statement.”, and “Poor IU.“ While, n the other hand, IU has been praised for her acting in 'Dream High' as the character 'Pilsuk'.

I think it's really sad as I really loved the song but it really seems similar thou. What do you all think? Do you all believe that it is plagiarized or plain coincidence?

Credits: Denouement@allkpop, XtineKim9@youtube


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