Saturday, March 5, 2011

'IU kindergarten' Homepage shut down for 5 days

Remember the IU kindergarten scene on the last episode of 'Dream High'?'? Well something happened to it...

IU to continue acting career

After concluding her drama debuts through KBS’s “Dream High“, IU have expressed that she will continue to pursue her passion for acting in conjunction with her singing career.

Representatives from Loen Entertainment expressed, “It was IU’s first time acting, and she had a lot of fun with it.  It wasn’t just industry representatives who gave her positive reviews, but viewers as well, which helped her positively in energizing her passion for acting. Ever since she’s appeared in ‘Dream High,’ we’ve been receiving nonstop offers from various dramas and movies.  If we see a good one, we’ll definitely consider it.”  

Really hope she would continue acting as I really loved the Pilsuk character in which she took. But still, her singing still comes above that. =)

Source: Daum

IU and her sponsored goods

Pics of IU and her sponsored goods has surfaced on the net recently check it out!!

Accessories sponsored by Walt Disney

Pics of IU @ Choi Kang Hee's Volume up!

Looks like IU has been aggressively promoting recently. Here are photo spams of IU at Choi Kang Hee's Volume up! =)

More under the cut!

Photos and Video clips of IU at Dream Radio and Cool FM radio

Yes! IU recently promoted at Dream Radio and Cool FM radio! Check out the clips! =)

More videos and photos under the cut =)

5dolls Chanmi wants to form a unit with IU!

Chanmi recently debuted again with 5dolls, the female sub-unit of Coed. The girls released their first mini album "Charismatic Five Dolls" featuring songs such as "It's You" and "Lip Stains." The music video for "Lip Stains" featured Jay Park and received explosive responses as the video gained 15,000 views within 15 minutes.

Music Core performance week 3!!

Here you go! This week's performance at Music Core!!! =)

Ain't she absolutely pretty today? =)

Friday, March 4, 2011

More IU's funny 'Heroes' cut

While I am hunting down english subs of Heroes, here are some videos to quench your thirst! Go under the cut! =)

Dream High NGs, BTS and Interview

Subbed videos of IU's cut of Dream High NGs, BTS and interviews are released! Check it out!

Part 1

Part 2 under the cut! =)

Music Bank performance of March 4th

IU got 3rd this week!!!!!! =)

Enjoy the performance!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

White Day’s Number 1 Model is Hyun Bin/IU

White enough? LOL

How to Succeed as a Solo Female Artist As Exemplified by IU (Super Long)

Found an article that was published which talks about IU and her presence in the Korean music industry. Check it out! As it is quite an interesting read, but do take note that it is a rather long read =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A picture 2 years ago garners attention!

IU has recently received considerable success on music charts as well as music shows. With such attention being placed on her, pictures of IU from two years ago have been heating up the Internet.

IU VS Big Bang

The Korean music industry is currently split into two between Big Bang and IU. According to Monkey3, during the last week of February, IU's "The Story Only I Didn't Know" and Big Bang's "Tonight" ranked first and second, respectively.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dream High Episode 16 (final episode) English subs

Last episode of Dream High! Hoped you all liked it as much as did! =)

IU shines even in her waiting room: “Pure white cutie cutie”

A picture of IU in her waiting room was revealed and is receiving much interest.!!!

As usual, IU’s “Story Only I Didn’t Know” reaches top, displaces Big Bang

Seoul, Korea – IU’s “Story Only I Didn’t Know” took first place on the music charts, despite Big Bang’s recent release of their comeback song.

IU’s new single topped the online sales charts on Soribada, giving her another run of being at the top of the music charts, just six weeks after her song, “Good Day” had topped the charts for 4 consecutive weeks.

Story Only I Didn’t Know” combines Yoonsang’s unique musical colors with IU’s lovely vocals, and fans are receiving the song well. Also, IU has received credit for having another song, “Cruel Fairytale” place third on the charts, on top of having “Story Only I Didn’t Know” being number one.

Meanwhile, Big Bang released a comeback mini album with the title song, “TONIGHT,” which placed sixth on music charts.

Credits: Tim
Source: TV report

Is the milky couple Real+?

Sorry for the lame title but seriously...It says it all.

 IU and Wooyoung, dubbed as the Milky Couple (WooU), has went on 2 secret dates!which of course are not so secret now

Dream High Special Concert Fancams and photos!

Update 1: Found a short fancam of IU and Woo Young's performance!
Update 2:  Included official videos of the special concert!!!!

Although much bad things have happened to IU recently, that didn't and won't stop her for giving her best in all of her performances. Go under the cut to check it out! =)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Eun Ji Won and IU narrate mini documentary Dream High, Sing Your Dreams

Seoul, Korea — Singers Eun Ji Won and IU participated in the narration of a documentary.

Kids say the darnest things?

Not long ago, Daum Kids conducted a poll asking users “Which idols they thought had the strongest vocals?”

And the results are as follows!

72,000+ kids participated in the poll and most believe that Taeyeon has the strongest vocals out of any K-pop idols male or female. Following behind Taeyeon is none other than our IU! Seems like when it comes to vocals, it is always a battle between Taeyeon and IU.

Anyway, kids have better listening then adults right? So the results can't be too far off from reality =)

Source: Kids Daum

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Interested to have an "IU inspired look"?

This post is for the ladies.

Do you like the make up done on IU on her Real and Real+ promotions? For example on the poster shown below?

If you liked it, well, recently someone on youtube have released a video teaching you how to achieve the same look! Go under the cut to check it out.

Dream High fancams!

Update: Found even more fancams of IU@dream high =)

Found some fancams of Dream High to share with you all!!! =)

More under the cut!

IU wins Muzik Chart with "Story that only I didn't know"!!

After a close battle between IU and Kim Soohyun, in the end it was IU who received the highest vote and thus makes it easier for her to be #1. IU has scored a combined 520 points which makes her the second highest after TVXQ's "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" who scored 521 points last month.

Inkigayo performance 02272011!!!!!!!

Here you go! IU's performance at Inkigayo today. Enjoy!

Credits: Crazycarrot360@youtube

A new video page has been added

Dear readers,

I have received some feedback stating that readers faced difficulties when trying to look for all the episodes of Dream High in my blog. Hence, I have created a Video page!! This video page will basically consist of consolidated links to the videos of the drama or shows of which IU is a permanent cast of. So please go check it out! =)

Thanks for the feedbacks so far and pls do keep the feedbacks coming in on what do you expect or hope to see in this site so that it can expand and grow and bring in more people into IU's fan empire *plays heroic music*

*Ahem* Anyway, hope you all enjoy! Thanks!!!! =)