Wednesday, March 2, 2011

IU VS Big Bang

The Korean music industry is currently split into two between Big Bang and IU. According to Monkey3, during the last week of February, IU's "The Story Only I Didn't Know" and Big Bang's "Tonight" ranked first and second, respectively.

Last week, IU's "The Story Only I Didn't Know" was only second place on the list. However, as it gained a lot of hot reactions from listeners, its ranking improved to first place.

Big Bang is not too far behind IU. After releasing their mini-album a week hers, three of their new songs made it to the top 10. "Tonight" achieved high rankings on the charts along with "Cafe" in seventh place and "Somebody To Love" in ninth.

8Eight's Lee Hyun, December, Kang Seungyoon, and many other male artists have advanced in the chart as well. Lee Hyun's "You Are the Best of My Life" is third place, and December's "I Love You More Than Anyone" is currently in fifth place. Kang Seungyoon's "You Are Heaven" has advanced into the chart as well.

"Dreaming", sung by Kim Soohyun, is a track from the drama "Dream High". "Dreaming" is currently in fifth place while G.NA's "Black & White" is in 6th place.

Lee Jungkyu, the head of Monkey3, said, "The music chart is currently split in half between IU and Big Bang. I predict that both of them will be highly ranked for a while and will create a competition."

Which song do you think will come out on top?

Credits: Koreaboo
Source: Nate

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