Saturday, April 30, 2011

[Update] SK M&C 3rd Anniversary Interview Photos released!

Update: Included the interview video under the cut!

IU recently had an interview for SK M&C's 3rd Anniversary. Check out the photos!]

 More under the cut!

[Update] IU@ Galaxy S2 Promotions

Update: Added more photos from the event and a fancam!

Another photo spam post!3rd today! Never been so happy for a long time =)

Heroes episode 14 Eng sub

Heroes episode 14 eng subbed is up at Super Heroes Subs! Be sure to stop by to catch the video! =) Also remember to thank the subbers who put in lots of hard work! =)

PS: For those first timers, please visit the Videos section for the guide on how to watch it. Thanks!

Performance at Gyeongnam residents Athletic Meet!

Videos of IU at the event! Cheers!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Jang Gwang Sun Posts about IU!

에쓰오일 촬영 ㅣ 캐스팅 되었어요 ^^

후기 오랜만에 올려요~
에쓰오일 온라인광고 촬영하고 왔습니다 ㅎ
메인모델은 아이유였고 서브로 갓다왔습니다

아이유도 보고 광고도 찍고 잼있었습니당~ㅋ
역시 국민여동생 아이유 너무 깜찍했습니다 ㅎㅎ
오랜만에 기분좋은 촬영한 거 같네여 ㅎㅎ

S-Oil filming | I got cast ^^

I haven't posted anything in awhile~
Just finished filming the online ad for S-Oil hehe
The main model was IU and I was one of the sub-models

We met IU, filmed the ad, and had a lot of fun~keke
She really is the nation's little sister after all, so adorable hehe
It's been a while since I've had such an enjoyable time filming hehe

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Naver

I tried searching for who he is...But had no leads...Anyone knows? Anyway loved what he said about IU haha

Calling all fans of dream high......

.....but only if you are in Korea in the near future...cause...

The city of Goyang in Gyeonggi-do expressed on April 28th that they will open up the filming site of Kirin Arts High School, which was featured in the KBS2TV drama "Dream High", to the general public.

4 months and counting

AFTER 4 MONTHS, IU's 'Good day' is still in the top 20s of the K-Chart (the chart which Music Bank uses). This just shows how awesome our girl is. Check out the proof! and please excuse me, I have to go out and pop some champagne!

Producer of "I am a Singer" contacted IU

We maybe in for a treat seeing more IU performances! Not to mention seeing her ousting other singers *evil laughter*

The new head of MBC’s “I Am A Singer”, producer Shin Jung Soo, has listed the names of singers he is trying to recruit to the show.

F(x)'s Luna was once angry with IU

F(x)’s Luna recently gave an interview where she revealed some interesting and comical information about IU.

Do u hope to have a bigger screen to watch IU?

Now your dreams will come true! No kidding! It's huge..

 I am talking about stadium sized huge haha

Alicia posters in Japan Unvealed!

Alicia (the horse riding game) recently released IU posters in Japan which claimed that IU is the No.1 Singer in Korea! BTW 'Alicia'!Loving the posters haha

 This is not me!!!!!

More from Union Bay

New photos!!!! And once again I am running out of ideas for titles and headers LOL

 Look below for more =)

Gyeongju World Taekwondo Championships!

Nope IU wasn't there to fight even though I know that's what everyone is hoping for (as it would be really interesting to watch), especially if she has a go with Jiyeon from T-ara haha  ,she was there to perform! Check out the photo spam!

 More under the cut!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Union Bay BTS Photo Diary

Union Bay recently released photos from behind the scenes! Check it out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IU is the NO.1 Singer... declared by HEY!HEY!HEY! (a jap variety show)...Check out the video below and pay attention to 0:25

According to my elementary Jap, it says "IU: No.1 Singer" Thanks HEYHEYHEY! even thou we already know this haha

PS: Apologies that you all have to go through 20secs of that freaky Jap lady MC

New YS'B goodies

Once again YS'B has shown their love for us by releasing IU's shoots.

source: dcinside iu gallery

A combination of many short posts

To be honest, the post should really be a combination of many short VIDEOS derived from my youtube surfing. As they do not carry much content, I decided to lump all into one post =)

Anyway first up, found a really interesting video about a guy who managed to draw IU just by using his handphone. Thought it was cool and hence decided to share it with you all! Check it out!

Kahi Misses Heroes

Er why do a post about an After School member while this blog is about IU? Well...just a treat to all viewers who became fans of Heroes through IU =) (anyway the post is indirectly about IU too haha)

After School’s Kahi expressed her sadness over the end of SBS’s “Heroes“.

[Update] My favorite list of IU covers

Update: Included Better In Time Cover! Dedicated to Big Bang!

There ain't any news about IU today boooo. Hence I decided that I should spam some of my favorite IU covers. Hope you like them too!

Gee/Sorry Sorry

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mexicana Chicken BTS eng subbed

Yeah the eng subbed of the BTS for Mexicana Chicken is finally out!

Credits: IUBUNNY@youtube

KBS Cool FM Yoon Sang's Pops Pops

Finally! A radio show after a long while! Check out the photos!

The book she's holding is Victor Wooten's "Music Lesson", recommended by Yoon Sang and his wife, Shim Hye Jin.

Credit: WeHeartIU
Source: ㄹㅇㄴ@ dc inside

Seo Hyung Wook Tweets about IU

Recently Seo Hyung Wook tweeted about IU!

I hear that IU will be at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on May 7th. I hope to see her up on the scoreboard wearing the Suwon uniform and singing her 3-level high note song, "Blue Wings oppas I like you~"
If this should happen, I bet all the male fans will gather together that day.. hehe

Translation: janeberryblue @
Source: Twitter

IU comes in first place in Heroes Popularity vote

IU won first place in a popularity vote held on SBS programme 'Heroes' which was broadcasted on April 24th.

IU performs "Melody of the Wind"

Remember that a while ago we reported that IU was involved in singing an OST for the animation film "A Hen into the Wild" ? Well it's out! Check it out!

Version 1

Sunday, April 24, 2011

IU duets with Lee Moon Sae

IU recent performed on Lee Moon Sae's Concert as a special guest! Loved the duet!!!! Check out the fancam! IU is so cute!!!!! =)

Credits: IUBunny@yt

Inkigayo mc cut!

Inkigayo arrives again! (can't believe how fast this week went) Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! =)

Credits: Crazycarrot370@yt