Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another kill to be added on to the score board

Yes and this time, it's the Instiz chart. Check it out.

Real time stats
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Real time chart
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IU has achieved an all-kill on the Instiz chart, which combines the many charts that Korea uses to rank music sales.

IU stuns netizens with ladylike appearance

Remember a while ago we reported that IU appeared for a Samsung galaxy event? Photos of her were uploaded onto an online community board on May 27th and had garnered lots of attention from netizens

IU stunned her fans when she stepped out as a lady for the event. She’s seen wearing a fashionable outfit that gives off a mature air, thanks to the chic jacket over a black dress. Her slender figure and gentle expressions are definitely attracting a lot of attention, and there’s no doubt that she’ll grab some high-end CFs soon.

Netizens wrote, “You’re becoming thinner and thinner. I hope you’ll rest now”, “How many schedules do you have… please take care of your health”, and “Obviously, IU is the real thing. You’re too pretty”.

Credits: Denouement@allkpop
Source: Nate

IU takes photo with Chung Mong Jong

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상암경기장의 드림콘서트에 다녀왔습니다 수만명이 오셨는데 기성용,구자철선수도 왔네요 말로만듣던 아이유의 삼단고음.. 동방신기 티아라 카라 쥬얼리 시크리트 2PM 레이보우 샤이니 다들 너무 멋이있네요 사진은 제홈피에~

Daum yozm interview Part 3 (warning long post)

To read part 1 Click HERE
To read part 2 Click HERE

[Daum Exclusive] IU's star interview revealed! - Part 3 IU's future plans and popularity

Q1. You mentioned that you want to make your own music, but exactly what kind of music do you want to make?

[Update] Konyang University event!!!!

Update 28/5/11: Included videos of her performance!

IU performed at Konyang University on the 26th. See the HQ photos that we have gotten!

 Don't you all envy that male dancer who is always with her?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dream Concert 2011 Rehearsal

I am sure everyone is counting down the days to Dream Concert 2011 which may suddenly seem like months to you. Well it's still better then me cause to seems like years *sad* So just to perk everyone up on this lonesome road of no return. Here's a photo!

Yes. Only 1 photo. That's it. I did mention "Here's a photo!". Bye! =p

Just kidding, will upload when I find more photos!

IU placed 3rd in Drama OST survey

Monkey 3, a Korean music portal, recently held a poll asking netizens who’s the ‘queen of drama OSTs’ and Taeyeon came in 1st place (52%), followed by singer Baek Ji Young in 2nd (26%) and finally in 3rd is our IU (7%).

Well it's not bad a result eh? But I am sure as time goes by people will come to know how good IU really is =) Fwighting!!!!!

Source: Nate

Z-Zin Magazine cover girl

Guess who?

Photographer Jo Sun Hee tweeted on April 27th,

6월 2일 젯진 4호 발행!!!!아이유커버
Z-ZIN no. 4 to be published on June 2nd!!!!IU cover

To be distributed at Cafebene (some cafe).

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Jo Sun Hee's twitter, daum

Wuhoo can't wait! =)

'samsung & u' magazine May/June issue Interview section translated

For the photos and tweet about the interview click HERE

So beautiful =)

I've heard that in order to become a singer, you went for more than 20 auditions, but did not make it through any of them. Didn't you think of giving up halfway?

At that time, I didn't really go for auditions with the mindset, "I have to pass this audition to become a singer". I simply went because I found it fun to go for the auditions themselves, so I wasn't really sad or in despair when I didn't make it through them. I think I enjoyed going for the auditions themselves.

Not a prodigy just been putting in 100% effort

Make that 200% or 300%.

IU's first original composition, "Hold My Hand", was previously reported as receiving a lot of attention for its all-kill on the major online music charts.

Yoon Sang regrets composing "The Story only I didn't know" for IU

Singer/songwriter Yoon Sang revealed that he regrets composing the song 'Story Only I Didn't Know' for IU.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Update] Videos videos!

Update: 26/5/2011: Found another "how to live smart video"

Found 2 videos recently and realized that they were too short for a post and hence decided to lump it together.

First up, a Le Coq Sportif event invitation video!

Next up we have, a Samsung Galaxy 2 "How to live smart" video

Enjoy! BTW loved her dress =)

Seoul Medical University College

Wow she performed for the high end crowd. Doctors to be. Best place to find rich future husbands lol

You know the routine. Click more! =)

Hold My Hand an all kill on music charts

According to WeheartIU, the response was so great last night that Melon's server crashed. Take a look at the graph below. IT WENT OFF THE CHARTS. Now..I didn't even remotely believed that it was a server crash haha

Nuff said. Proof below the cut =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UnionBay tweets again!

Again running out of titles =(

[[UNIONBAY] 유니온베이 전속모델인 아이유사인회 스케치입니다!! 광주첨단의 명소가된 유니온베이매장에있는 아이유양~이뿌지요!! 트친님들~ 아립따운 아이유양의 모습을 널리널리 옮겨주세용!! 무한RT!!

[[UNIONBAY] A sketch of IU (Union Bay's exclusive model)'s fansign event!! IU at the Union Bay outlet that has become famous in Gwangju Chomdan~Pretty, isn't she!! Our twitter followers~Please help us to spread IU's beautiful image far and wide!! Infinite RT!!

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIu
Source: Unionbay twitter

IU for May/June issue of 'samsung & u' magazine

짜잔~ 드디어 삼성앤유 5/6월호가 발간되었습니다~ 가정의 달을 맞아 삼성 임직원 부부가 표지모델로 깜짝 등장! 이번호 특별게스트 아이유양까지 살~짝 공개합니다^^
Tadah~ Finally, the May/June issue of 'samsung & u' magazine has been published~ Since it's family month, Samsung's staff couple appeared as cover models! Just a sneak preview, IU even appears as the special guest for this issue^^

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: samsungin @ twitter

More photos of the post below!

PD "IU is really working hard"

SBS <Sunday is Good> 'Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry' (also 'Ki and Cr' / KiCr)'s Kim Jae Hyuk PD commented on IU's lack of practice. 'KiCr' is a program whereby 10 artists skate and perform on ice. The last episode on the 22nd was the first broadcasting after 3 months of practice. Without any special skills, IU took a stand and gave a simple performance. After the broadcast, there were comments that "IU had a busy schedule and was unable to practice very much".

IU's wants to be a singer-song writer

 Don't you all think that this is a very beautiful shot?

A representative from IU's agency told Herald Biz, "IU has been eager to compose her own songs and ever since her debut, she has been studying and practising" and "under the guidance of the composer and arranger in her agency, she composed many songs by herself. There are plans to release them as albums or digital singles in future."

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Heraldm
Original article: Nate

IU placed first in Milky Skin survey

Looks like this is a survey season eh?

In conjuction with International Milk Day (June 1st), Naknong Dairy carried out a survey among 1114 netizens and IU was selected as the female idol with milky skin, receiving 29% of the votes. Sulli came in 2nd with 21% of the votes, followed by Shin Min Ah (19%), Im Su Jeong (18%) and Shin Se Kyung (12%).

In a recent broadcast, the nation's little sister, IU, showed her face without makeup. Netizens who watched the show commented, "She looks even prettier without make up on" and showed interest in her milky-white skin.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Original article: Nate

Totally agree with way you can refute it =) 

IU voted as likely winner of "Immortal Song 2"

From May 16 until May 22, smartphone portal Jisiklog held a poll asking users to vote for who they think will perform the best on "Immortal Song 2."

Super Idol Big Concert

Wuhoo!!! We are in luck! Another concert featuring IU! =)

Korea’s gearing up for a large-scale concert starring major idols like B2ST, IU, and Jay Park!

I am a Singer 2 wants IU too

Most of the artists that MBC’s producer Shin Jung Soo wants for “I Am A Singer 2” are currently in the KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song 2” idol lineup.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's out! It's out!

The OST "Take my hand" that IU sang for the drama 'The Greatest Love" is out! This is IU's first composition!! Please support it!!!!!

Listen. Enjoy. Sway =)

IU to release her self composed song!

 IU is gearing up to release her very first self-written song!

Loen Entertainment’s producer, Cho Youngcheol, hinted at the new release through a tweet on May 24th. He wrote, “IU’s first written song coming soon!“. He continued, “Jieun (IU) said she’s shy but I want to show it off. It’s her first work, but she did a great job…and I give my ‘best love’ to Jieun...”

Why did IU perform badly on Kiss and cry?

 There were some people who were left disappointed after IU's performance at Kiss and Cry and here's the reason why. Hope everyone understands =)

On the May 22nd episode of SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry“, IU displayed her figure skating skills.

Monday, May 23, 2011

IU tops the piracy list =(

According to webboard chart, Big Bang topped the charts in the singer category, with the highest piracy statistics.

According to 'C Story', published by the Korean Copyright Commission, last month, there were altogether 4321 cases of online/offline piracy of Big Bang's "Tonight", "Cafe", and other songs.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry

Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry was just broadcasted apparently "Broadcasted" isn't grammatically correct. Why?  and we have some goodies lined up for you!

First off a tweet from the program itself!

<키스앤크라이> 몸치임을 고백한 아이유, "최연소자인 지희보다는 잘하고 싶다" 연아 선수와의 로고송을 깜짝 제안 +_+

<Kiss and Cry> Admitting to her own clumsiness, IU said, "I want to do better than Ji Hee, the youngest member of the cast" A sudden offer to sing a duet with Kim Yuna for the theme song +_+

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Kiss and Cry twitter