Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry

Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry was just broadcasted apparently "Broadcasted" isn't grammatically correct. Why?  and we have some goodies lined up for you!

First off a tweet from the program itself!

<키스앤크라이> 몸치임을 고백한 아이유, "최연소자인 지희보다는 잘하고 싶다" 연아 선수와의 로고송을 깜짝 제안 +_+

<Kiss and Cry> Admitting to her own clumsiness, IU said, "I want to do better than Ji Hee, the youngest member of the cast" A sudden offer to sing a duet with Kim Yuna for the theme song +_+

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Kiss and Cry twitter

Later, a Japanese fan twitted a question and his tweet was replied by the producer of Kiss and Cry !(how lucky is that!)

@cho072 안녕하세요!나는 일본의 아이유팬입니다(^ ^)프로듀스하는 측면에서 봐 아이유씨의 가장 큰 매력은 무엇입니까
@cho072 Hello! I am a Japanese fan of IU (^^)From the point-of-view of a producer, what is IU's most charming quality?

(Cho Young Cheol's reply)
@2SJKL7JP 반가워요...아이유는 어린나이에도 그 노래가 가지는 감성을 잘 이해하고 표현할수있는것이 매력이죠. ^^
@2SJKL7JP Glad to meet you...Even though she is young, IU's ability to grasp the emotions behind songs and express them well is part of her charm. ^^

(He then tweeted again later)
키스앤크라이....지은아....ㅜㅜ .....미안.
Kiss and Cry....Ji Eun-ah....ㅜㅜ .....sorry.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Cho Young Cheol's twitter

Moral of the story...tweet more! Who knows someone like that might be following your tweet? Maybe even IU is reading this post now.Who knows? Thou I prayed for it everyday to be true, it sadly isn't *emo*

Of course, we how can this post be complete without any VIDEOS!!!!!!! Check out her performance! =) I know we have a strict policy against spoilers but excitement ruled over us this time. Forgive us!

Credits: and Crazycarrot370@yt

That fall in the middle must have hurt. Bet everyone felt pain too and yes I admit.. I screamed =(

BTW did I mention that Ji-U couple is real?

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