Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Update] Change the world performance

Update: Included a write up about what was said in the show and another video!

Ok a realllyyyyyyyyyy short post. In fact there will be only 1 video. k bye

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[Update] Cyworld Festival 2011 Photos unveiled!!

Update: Included videos of IU's performance!

Remember awhile ago we reported that IU will be performing on Cyworld Festival 2011? Well photos are out! Will hunt for the videos and upload it ASAP! =)

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Lee Jung shows off his 5 high notes

Now why are we showing this post when he is totally not related to IU?

Lee Jung recently had a high note battle with IU, showing off his own 5-step version of IU’s famous 3-step booster.

[Update] IU's Scrap book

Update: The entire episode is released! Click HERE to view it!

IU recently performed at IU's Scrap book! Checkout the videos!

IU' Scrapbook/ KBS national heroes (unsubbed)

Here you go! Once again, sway with the awesome singing!
*Note: Will hunt for english subs but no promises*

[Update] SK Telecom Behind the scenes footage

[Update] Added Some behind the scenes photos!

Just FYI, SK Telecoms is the 2nd largest network operator in Korea. Being their model means everyone (maybe even the north?) will know her. Check out the video

Yes, that was Cho Yong Nam. So they were interviewed while they were filming this CF.

For those curious about the interview? Click HERE

SK T-Store CF

It's out!! It's out!!!

The two sang a duet of Jo Young Nam’s own hit track, “Perianth Marketplace“, as the advertisement’s main theme song, only there was a slight change in the lyrics:  “Come and check it out~ The place where customers come~ Application marketplace~ There is nothing that you can’t find~ T-Store.”
The CF was also created in celebration of the T-Store hitting 170 million in downloads.

In order to express the diversity of their T-Store, IU and Jo Young Nam made various transformations into DJs, reggae singers, Chinese restaurant chefs, beautiful ladies, and 20 other roles.

IU even used her famous ‘three high notes’ in the song, showing off her impressive vocals once more under the support and direction of senior Jo Young Nam.

Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop
Source: Nate

For the behind the scenes video click HERE

Friday, April 1, 2011

IU VS Kate Hudson

Korea’s singing sensation IU and Hollywood star Kate Hudson have been compared because they wore the same floral dress made by the famous New York designer Marc Jacobs for his 2011 Resort Collection on a different time and place.

IU wore the said dress during the MBC‘s Gayo Daejun while Kate Hudson used it for the November issue of U.S’ ELLE magazine where in she was the cover.

For fast facts about the dress, the price for the dress is 5.53 million won or equivalent to almost 5,000 U.S. dollars. It is a one piece dress with two colors, ivory from the shoulders down to the waist and a pink skirt. The design is mainly composed of flower petals that is connected one by one.

Written by:

So who do you all think wore better? IU of course lol!

Daum yozm interview (warning long post)

IU, the idol who stole the hearts of fans and received a flood of popularity with her appearance and performances of "Good Day", "The Story Only I Didn't Know" and "Cruel Fairytale". This new face and talent that appeared as an actress in a recent drama is showing up through various activities.

During the time we spent with her, seeing the image of IU telling us her plans calmly and steadily, she doesn't give us the feeling of a young 18 year old girl but of 'singer IU' instead.

Looking forward even more to her future activities, let's go straight into IU's interview!

Interview with Shin Dong Ah

Translations under the Cut! =)

IU attends Ji Choon Hee's fashion show

Fashion designer Ji Choon Hee’s 2011 F/W fashion show was held on the evening of April 1st at Setec in Seoul, part of Seoul Fashion Week.

IU's fansite traded for Shin Bong Sun's for April Fool

Dang! I really wanted to do that too! Why must I be bogged down with work =(

IU has recently been ‘terrorized’ as part of an April Fool’s joke.

On April 1st, IU fans got the shock of their lives after they saw that IU’s picture was swapped for Shin Bong Sun’s on one of the IU fansites.

It was reported that a fan played the joke because they are frequently compared to one another.

Netizens commented, “IU has experienced the April Fool’s terror”, “Because of IU, Shin Bong Sun got herself a fan page”, and “This is IU terror. Replace the picture!“.

Other fan pages experienced similar changes, which provided big laughs for many netizens. (but not ours...sorry *sad* )

Credits: Ramham424@allkpop
Source: Nate

Will plan for the next event!!!!! =)

IU dominates Soribada 2011 Quarter 1 Music Charts


Soribada, an online music service, combined the music downloads and streams from January 1st to March 30th to announce ‘Soribada’s 2011 First Quarter Top 10 Korean Gayo (pop song)’. Reinforcing her current popularity, IU held 3 of the top 10 spots. WOW expected it but still wow

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Chew Photos revealed!

Check out the photo shoot of My Chew!

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Random post

No exact reason to post but just felt that this photo of IU was really really (beyond really) cute =)

More about 'Kiss and Cry'/ Kim Yuna's Audition

The SBS program Kim Yuna’s Audition will feature a variety of people who want to try figure skating.
Gagman Kim Byung-man, IU, U-know Yunho, Lee Ah-Hyun and many more have said that they will try and become the 2nd Kim Yuna.

Mexicana Chicken CF V2 released!

Watch all about it!!!!!

Many may ask what's the diff? Well the difference is that IU is promoting 2  chickens this time haha

Dream High Comic Book

Looks like the Dream High producers are really trying to tug our wallets. First was the OST CD, then the DVD set. After that, there was the Dream High Special Making Book. When we thought it was all over, here comes the DREAM HIGH COMIC BOOK! oww my poor bank account

On March 30th, the first volume of the ‘Dream High’ comic book will be released, and this volume tells the story of country boy Song Sam Dong (played by Kim Soo Hyun) and Go Hye Mi’s (played by missA’s Suzy) first meeting to their Kirin Arts School audition to Jason (played by 2PM’s Wooyoung) replacing Jin Guk (played by 2PM’s Taecyeon) in the fake showcase.

IU talks about ghosts and clarifies stories about being rude

Part 2 of radio star!!!(a continuation from the previous episode)

On March 30th, IU guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and revealed an incident where she experienced a unique type of sleep paralysis.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grab a copy of Dream High Special Making Book!

Do you miss Dream High? Not to worry cause now, a Dream High Special Making Book is available for sale!

Here is a shot of the book =)

Do you want it? If yes, then place your orders at the link below! =)

Yesasia: Dream high Special Making Book

Note: I have updated this at the K pop Shop too =)

IU's hope for Japan Message Video (eng sub)

Please watch the video and donate generously to Red Cross! Thanks!

Bobby Kim Praises IU!

Bobby Kim, the godfather of soul, praised IU.

IU on "Kiss and Cry"!

 Dream high ended, Heroes is ending, Inkigayo is not enough. What to do?!?!?!

Don't fret cause.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"IU was my student at acting school.. I was surprised when she debuted as a singer" , Go Yoon Hoo

Another celebrity full of praises for IU! =)

For a long period of time, Go Yoon Hoo (Running, Queen Seon Deok, East of Eden) was acting and doing a part-time job at the same time. In the midst of that, he was also a teacher at a private acting school. Upon graduating from university in 2007, he taught his juniors at the acting school and among his students, some are now celebrities who are thriving in the entertainment industry. An example would be today's trend, IU.

The Bean Sprout Song reels in uncle fans

Last week, IU treated fans with a cute bean sprout themed song for a new Homeplus CF. The song quickly caught on with fans but most surprising of all, it became a hit with uncle fans (ajuhsshi’s)!

IU and Seulong's love story.....

This is of course..fake haha But I chanced upon this on youtube and thought that it was cute. Watch it!

Warning: Fake Subs (LOL) well, everything is fake haha

Monday, March 28, 2011

Night After NIght

What's that? The title of a variety show that IU will be going on to of course! "Night after Night" released it's preview for next week featuring Daesung(Big Bang), Kan Mi Yeon and *drum rolls* IU!! Check out the preview.

YS'B loves to pamper us

Yes, YS'B pampers us by releasing tons and tons of IU pics. Check out the new batch of photos! =)

Source: YS'B blog

Will upload more when I find them! =)

IU @MBC's Yung Yup's Blue Night

Photos of IU at MBC Yung Yup's Blue Night has been released! Check it out! =)

Just a lil'bit more under the cut =)

IU and Seo In Gook on Good Morning Live Entertainment Express

Just a short short post! Watch the video. That's it. LOL (and pray I find english subs, seriously...we lack subbed videos of IU *tears*)

[Update] Cho Yong Nam and IU have special meetup

Update: Included a video of the meet up!

Singers Cho Young Nam, the center of the ‘Sesibong’ frenzy, and IU, held a special meet and greet at Hwagae Marketplace.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Updated 2] IU @ Lee Sooyoung Music Show

Update 2: Included another video and the eng subs of the Milky Couple conversation! =)
Update: Included a photo of IU and Lee Sooyoung!

IU appeared in Lee Sooyoung Music Show! Check out some of her vids below. And as usual, sway to her beautiful voice =)

Bonus video under the cut!

[Update 2] The bean sprout song!

Update 2: Switched the videos with eng subbed ones

[Update] Included the making of Bean Sprout song video


[Update] IU@Kim Hee Chul's Young Street

Update: Included a photo montage of IU!

Yes! Another radio programme IU is on. Catch the video! (unsubbed)

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Park Kyunglim Tweets about IU!

Park Kyuanglim (a very famous comedian, host and radio DJ) recently tweeted about IU. Check it out under the cut!

IU looks cute wearing Cho Youngnam's Black horn-rimmed glasses

Posted Image

IU was seen wearing Cho Youngnam’s signature black horn-rimmed glasses.

MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Report’, airing on the 27th, met with IU and Cho Youngnam on the set of their latest CF shoot.

For this recording, IU sang while playing the guitar. What stood out was that she was wearing the same black horn-rimmed glasses as Cho Youngnam. However, far from looking dull, she made them look fresh and lively.

Meanwhile, Cho Youngnam shocked many by dressing in drag. To this he responded, “Even to me, it’s quite shocking.” Having enjoyed working with IU, they promised to share a stage sometime in the future.

Translation: janeberryblue @
Source: Newsen

[Update] Le Coq Sportif Fansigning event!

Update: Included the event's official video!

IU held an autograph event on March 23rd, and the overwhelming response from her fans ultimately paralyzed the mall!

Honeybee posters released

IU was the poster girl for Honeybee Flower Shop. Check out her cute posters! =)

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[Update] IU and Teen Top performs at Charity event!

Update: Included Fancams!

Remember awhile ago, we reported that IU will be performing at a Charity Event organized by Money Today, now here it is!

Two of Korea’s top idols, IU and TEEN TOP, recently came together for a collaborative charity concert.

IU @Inkigayo MC cuts!

Another episode of Inkigayo is shown today and here are some of her MC cuts! Enjoy!

She really is good for a first timer =)