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Heroes Ep12 Subbed Released and K Pop Shop Goodies Updated!

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Anxious to know what happened after ep 11? Superheroes Subs has just released Ep 12 eng subbed of  Heroes (kudos to them!!)! Go to their forum to watch it! Details can be found at the "Videos" page

Also, I have updated the K pop goodies at the Kpop shop( in fact, I have been updating it on a weekly basis). Fans of Kpop please check it out!

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[Update 2] IU guests at MBC Radio Star

Update 2: Replaced the unsubbed video of IU talking about her crush  with a subbed one. Will update when I find more =)

Update: Included an article on what was discussed and a clip of the show!

IU attended MBC's Radio Star recently. Checkout the  photos! =)

 Why are you looking at me?

[Update] Mexicana Chicken CF released!

Update: Included video of Mexicana Chicken BTS at ETN



Unionbay CF behind the scenes video!

Found Unionbay CF's behind the scenes video! Enjoy!

[Update] Photos of IU at KBS SUJU's Kiss the Radio

Update: Included a video of IU performing 'Kiss Me"

Another photo spamming post! =) IU recently attended Super Junior's "Kiss the Radio"  Check out the photos!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

[Update 3] Come to Play! (WARNING LONG POST)

Update 3: Removed dead links and relinked english subbed cuts!

Update 2: Full episode of Come to play up (unsubbed) Watch it HERE

Update: As this show has been aired (And plus I can't find the eng subbed full show at the moment), I will go ahead posting the main contents and video cuts! For those who do not want to see the spoilers and would prefer to wait for the english subs please refrain from clicking "Read More"!

I bet many of you have been waiting for this episode to air (or like me waiting for english subs) as this episodes boasts large amount of laughter and cuteness from IU as well as friends of IU. There has already some articles with regards to the contents of this episode being circulated around the web and I was very tempted to post it. But after much deliberation, I decided that I should not be a spoiler and let you all enjoy the show yourself instead (I mean come on, what fun is there when you already know what's going to happen?) But nonetheless, just to whip up your appetite, I have posted the photos of the show! Go under the cut to check it out =)

IU's knit wear becomes a hot topic

The knitwear that IU wore when she appeared on "MBC Radio Star" on the 23rd of March has become a hot topic.

[Update] Dream High links are down!!

Update: Dream High links are restored!!!!! Enjoy!!!

Oh no! When I last checked, all the Dream High links are down! Please forgive me for it and rest assure that I will fix it all within this week.

As it is impossible to check ALL the links ALL the time by myself, please also help me by notifying me of any broken links in the future so that I can get it replaced asap. Your help is very much appreciated!



IU tops!!

I found a video!!!!!But.........

Yes, I guess you all found out. I am not sure which program this belongs to. sorry But at least from what I know it ranks the celebrities in order of vocal capabilities. Glad that IU got first place!

PS: Any kind souls willing to help me translate? lol

IU was introduced as a highly popular "national young beauty" on a Japanese broadcast programme.

IU ranked 13th on Middle aged Ladies Survey

Wondering what survey is that? Well...

On the March 24th broadcast of Y-Star’s “Wonder About That“, investigators targeted middle-aged women (a.k.a. ajummas) and polled them to see which idols were the most loved by their group.

IU talks about the consequences of being the media darling and future goals

During her appearance on ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Radio Paradise’, IU confessed her inner feelings.

IU had brought her guitar for the live show, and performed ‘The Story Only I Didn’t Know’ alongside Yoo Hee Yeol and his keyboard. Afterwards, IU sat down for a more in-depth interview session, in which she revealed her concerns and goals.

She said, “It’s scary having my every move being made into an article, but I’m happy being a singer and receiving the love of people. From now on, I want to become a singer with her own distinct color.

Yoo Hee Yeol kindly gave her a piece of advice, saying, “Really good music comes out when you’re happy.

Though we’ve only reported a snippet of the hour-long radio session, you can check it out in full when it plays on KBS Cool FM at midnight on March 27th.

Credits: Denouement@allkpop
Source: Nate

Seo In Gook thanks IU!

Seo In Gook, the winner of ‘Superstar K‘ season 1, took a friendly photo with his industry senior, IU.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

[Update] IU crowned 'Quiz Terminator'

Update: Included a clip of the show!

IU has been deemed the ‘Quiz Terminator.’

For the first broadcast of SBS ‘Fun Quiz Club’ airing March 21st, IU makes an appearance as a special MC, having “always enjoyed internet humor and nonsense humor,” and throughout the recording, revealed that she is deserving of the title ‘Quiz Terminator.’

On this day, from the first opening scene with the other MCs to answering their surprise questions, IU showed much enthusiasm. Further, she effectively served as a liaison for the older MCs who had difficulty comprehending teenage humor.

Some have commented on IU’s remarkable skills, stating “At this rate, this show’s going to turn into ‘IU’s Fun Quiz Club’,” which should only keep the regular MCs on their toes.

Translation: janeberryblue @
Source: Newsen

Video Cuts:

New Batch of YS'B photos released!

YS'B recently released a new batch of photos of IU. Have fun watching the photos! =)

More under the cut!

IU and 2AM Changmin voted as singers with best vocals

Singer IU and male group 2AM are chosen as the idols with the best vocal.

Jun Hyun Mu Challenges IU!1

Challenge what you ask. Well read to find out =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Homeplus releases IU posters

Yup, as the title said! Put it as your newest wallpaper! =)

 More under the cut!

Who is the mysterious guy in IU's Photo?

Remember a long long time ago, when we reported that IU took a rather intimate photo with a man during her teenage years, which caused a rage on the internet? See HERE

Well, the answer has been revealed...

Kim Tae Woo Hurt by IU

Before you all go "WHAAAAAAAT!??!!" ok maybe only me let me reassure you, it's not that serious lol

On March 22nd, singer Kim Tae Woo guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and revealed that he was once hurt by IU.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[Update] MBC Art stage recording photos and fancams revealed!

Update: Included videos of the actual performance!

IU recently just attended Art stage recording! need a new source for IU's schedules, the source that I have is really missing alot of things *sad* ANYway, here are the fancams and videos! =)

IU and Bobby Kim Lucky

Heroes Ep 11 Subbed available

Yes! The subbing team of SuperheroesSubs is done with subbing episode 11! If you don't know where to view it please go to the videos section of our blog for instructions. Cheers!

PS: Remember to thank them! They put in alot of effort into it =)

IU to participate in Charity Concert in Japan

Yes, besides the benefit concert organized by Money Today that IU is going, she is going for another charity concert in Japan. So kindhearted, so proud of her sobz

Hmm, Where is IU? =(

DBSK, 2PM, BEAST, IU, and many others, will hold a large-scale charity concert called “Tokyo Legend 2011~Korean Music Wave in TOKYO” on May 14, in Saitama Super Arena.

[Update 3] IU@Mexicana Chicken Diary scans

Update 3: Included a Mexicana Chicken Diary Mouse Pad Event Poster
Update 2: Added even more BTS photos and videos
Update: Included more photos and videos from behind the scenes

Everyone get ready for a photo spam!!!! =)

More under the cut!

K will's MV part 2 "I can't find the words"

K will released the second part of his MV! This time is on a sadder note as compared to the previous happier version.This MV reveals the sad story behind a young boy who carried his love for IU like an unwavering sunflower. Check it out!

Credits: Starship TV@yt

Monday, March 21, 2011

[Update] SBS Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time

Update: Included an article of Sung Shi Kyung, another guest on the show

Looks like IU have been to lots of radio shows lately. Here are some photos of her at Power time!

Credits: SBS, WeheartIU

[Update] YS'B Visit!

Update: More photos added!

IU recently visited a store of YS'B. Here are the photos!

Credit: WeheartIU

More under the cut!

IU to perform at benefit concert with Teen Top

With many artists and companies donating album profits or just flat-out donating, IU and Teen Top will be donating their time and appearance to a benefit concert for the recent events in Japan.

On March 26th, Money Today will be hosting the "2011 Money Today Chun Gye Cheon Sharing Concert", which will take place at the Chung Gye Factory, in partnership with Gaya Dae Chek, Save The Children, and Human Tissue Donation Support, who will be holding a donation drive for several hours before the concert, as the concert itself is a free event. IU and Teen Top are among the artist performing, and are likely the headliners.

What do you think of the concert? Would you attend and donate if you could?

Credits: Nero@koreaboo
Source: Money Today


IU and Kikwang Talk about the MC debut

After successfully making their debut as the two newest MCs for SBS’s “Inkigayo” yesterday, IU and B2ST’s Kikwang shared their feelings on joining fellow MCs Jo Kwon and f(x)’s Sulli .

IU revealed, “I have experience MCing for another music program, but since ‘Inkigayo’ is live, I was extremely nervous. Jo Kwon and Sulli gave me a lot of advice and led us well, so I feel that my first episode with ‘Inkigayo’ went smoothly.”

Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Update]BTS video of K Will's "My heart is beating"

[Update] Added behind the scenes photos under the cut

Remember recently we reported IU being featured on K.Will's "My heart is beating"? A behind the scenes video have been released!

In the video, IU performs the Korean national warm-up exercises. IU is accompanied by six look-alikes, who all sport the same outfits and hairstyles.

After watching the video, netizens commented, “6 IU’s! It feels like I won the lottery”, “Uncle fans should give her a thank you plaque”, and “IU’s national exercise daebak!“.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon also appeared in the music video and carried out the exercise along with the IUs, entertaining many netizens.

Source: Nate

To watch the MV again, click HERE

IU and Kikwang's Special MC stage!

Remember what special day is it today?Yes! It's IU's first day as the MC of Inkigayo! And as a treat for her fans, she did a special stage with B2ST's Kikwang. Press Play!