Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet Hometown Trip= Dalgona

Update 14/06/2011: Watch the full episode here!

The show is finally aired! And to fill in on those who missed the show, here is synopsis on what was covered!

PS: Am trying to find the video for this show. Wish me luck!

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On the SBS show 'Sweet Hometown Trip', IU's uncles and unnies brought along her childhood photos during the recording of this episode, drawing much attention, as these photos of IU from the family photo album have not been revealed before.

Kiss and Cry BTS photos!

Enjoy the BTS photos!!!!! I loved them heeee

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Home plus discount coupons scans

Home plus made a serious error in placing IU on their discount coupons. Why? Simple. People would cherish it so much that they would refuse to give it up to the cash counters I can just totally imagine a fight between the customer and the cashier for the coupons LOL. Sigh...just joking

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IU becomes Hyun Bin after 80% reduction in pitch

"Huh that didn't make sense!"

Yup, agreed. I thought of that too when I saw the article. So you aren't alone =)

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Even with that expression, she is still beautiful =)

IU's "Good Day" becomes Hyun Bin's "Good Day"?

Are you ready for more Le Coq Sportif?

It seems endless! But what the heck, as long as we can see her, we would post it even if it is 1000 photos Just kidding, there is absolutely no way we are going to post that many photos.

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Dream Concert Broadcasted

Dream concert was broadcasted today! Watch IU's performance below! Finally, no screamings, shaky camera and bad audio =)

Idol with the biggest changes, IU 20th

Hmmm think this is a big win cause it means that she was pretty in the past and she is still very pretty now =) check out the vid!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unreleased dance practice

Nothing much for this post. Just something for you to enjoy after a hard day of work =)

IU's first fanmeet

IU is looking forward to her first official fanmeeting since her debut AND SO DO WE!!!!!!!1

'Good day' now used for tourism

A UCC promo video for Jeju Island, produced by local middle school students, has been receiving warm feedback.

Jeju Tourism Organisation worked together with students from Seojung Middle School to produce this promo video for tourism as well as for Jeju Island to be listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Since it was uploaded on youtube on June 3rd, the video received more than 30,000 views within 2 days and received great popularity.

Meanwhile, you can watch this video that was produced using a cover of IU's "Good Day" on youtube, on the Jeju tourism website ( or on the Jeju Seojung Middle school homepage (

(*Note: Unimportant details about the techniques used in the video were left out)

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Jemin
Original article: Jemin

The kids must have known how popular 'Good Day' is overseas for them to use it. Well done kids!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seoul Osaka Music of the Heart 2011

IU just performed at this event! I do not have a lot of materials for this post yet but still wanna post it while it is still hot =) Will update it when I have more stuff! =)

This concert was organised by SBS, so it followed pretty much the same format as Inkigayo, with the same 4 MCs except Jokwon, who was replaced by FTI’s Hongki. IU sang ‘Good Day’ and ‘You Know’, but something went wrong with the sound system halfway, so she apologised in Japanese, “ごめんなさい (gomenasai)”. After the concert, much like Tokyo Legend previously, there was another twitter explosion of ‘IU is so cute’.

[Update] Z-Zin Magazine photos unveiled

Update 8/6/2011: Included a behind the scenes video of this shoot. Go below the cut!

Remember we posted a while ago that IU appeared on Z-Zin Magazine? Now here are the photos!
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How dare he!!!!

Or maybe ..."it"? Anyway I found a rather humorous series of photos depicting a...well look for yourself =)

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Will you marry me?

Unionbay BTS photo diary #3

A photo only post! Enjoy!

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I can just stare at this pic the whole dayyyyyyyyyyy =)

Le Coq Sportif Specials

So what special stuff are there? Basically just 2, a photo and a video. But I am sure you will like it =D

First off the video,


Loen Entertainment clears up Immortal song rumors

Looks like rumors were spreading like wild fire on IU's departure. Hence, here comes Loen!

To recap, IU sang Toy’s ‘Good Person‘ on June 4th’s broadcast, showing off her impressive vocals. However, she unexpectedly placed last after facing stiff competition from the other cast members.

Monday, June 6, 2011

[Update] Ping pong frenzy!

Update 6/6/2011: Added another S-Oil CF of IU! But she only appeared for 3 secs thou. Go below the cut

Why? Just see the vid below!

Click like if you loved this CF! =)

But seriously...what does ping pong have to do oil?

[Update] I spy with my little eye...

Update: 6/6/2011: Included the BTS video under the cut

Who do you see?

I would faint if you still didn't know what is this post about

IU to leave Immortal Song 2

IU has been confirmed that she is leaving Immortal Song 2 after the 1st episode

Producer Kwon Said
IU, Yesung, and Jonghyun will be leaving ‘Immortal Song 2′ due to their personal schedules. IU’s involvement ended with last week’s broadcast, while Yesung and Jonghyun’s participation will be ending with the June 18th broadcast, the third episode.
IU will be replaced by SECRET’s Song Ji Eun, and that 2PM’s Junsu and F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki were preparing to join the show. It’s been revealed that Junsu and Hongki will be joining the cast in Yesung and Jonghyun’s place.

Credits: CHloejn@allkpop
Source: Kuki News via Nate, Star N News via Nate

I really loved her performance last week and hoped to see more of it =( I guess she has  really too much on her plate. Inkigayo, Kiss and Cry, Immortal song 2 and not to mention all the endless events. Sighhh hope she takes good care of herself. IU FWIGHTING!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blue House Perfomance

Here we go! The full post for the Blue House performance. Oogle at the pictures!

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Choi In Hwa prefers Krystal!??!?!

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'Kiss and Cry' Choi In Hwa confessed that when it was confirmed that he would be partners with IU for the show, he thought the sky was going to come crashing down.