Saturday, June 25, 2011

Many good things

Once again I am stuck with lots of good stuff but too little to post as a full post. Hence decide to lump it together.

1) First up! A video from ETN

More below!

Lee Ji Soo Praises IU!

Lee Ji Soo is the music director for “Leafie, A Hen into the Wild” movie OST, which IU participated in (although for some reason, someone else’s version was recorded for the OST album).

In a recent interview with Osen, Lee Ji Soo expressed, “I was wondering to myself who I could entrust this task to and the people around me recommended IU, so it was thus decided. The tone of her voice seemed to go well with the animation. She managed to sing it well after just a few attempts, so I thought to myself that she picks things up really quickly.”

(*Note: The rest of the interview was omitted from this translation) 

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Osen via Nate

IU and Luna to perform on Inkigayo!

Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. But Hurray!

Friends are people that support each other in times of hardship, spend time with each other for fun, and are like each other's family. Idol stars' busy schedules prevent many of them from developing a normal life as they would following a typical route of regular school attendance and continuing their education. It is in schools that many young people make most of their friends, for that is an area that people frequent often and therefore socialize the most. Idols, trained and constantly shuttled to and fro to accommodate their busy schedules, often do not attend school, or if they do attend school, are often absent for extensive periods.

Woo Young talks about IU

Woo-U/ Milky fans brace yourself...It's a cruel world =(

On June 21st, the members of 2PM sat down for an interview, and had a chance to talk about girls.

Wooyoung, who had participated in the drama ‘Dream High‘ with IU, said with a sigh, “After people found out that I had taken IU out for dinner, things became uncomfortable between us. When I sent her a text saying, “Do you hate me”, she replied back with, “We’re fine now”, but didn’t text me again after that. When we see each other at a broadcasting station, she’ll just give me a quick smile and run away.

He added, “We’re just friends but I think I’m maybe trying too hard to become better friends with her.

(Other non IU parts were omitted)

Credits: Cduswnl@allkpop
Source + Photo: Yonhap News via Daum

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Z-Zin Interview translated! (long post)

Welcome to the inner world of IU =)

Posted Image

Z stands for 'Z_ZIN' and U stands for 'IU'.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mexicana Chicken concert!

Just a quick reminder to all!

In August, IU will hold a "Together With IU - Mexicana Concert" at AX-KOREA, the same venue used for her fanmeeting. The concert is in conjunction with Mexicana Chicken, whom IU endorses. To promote the concert, the company is also holding a sweepstakes through their website, which fans may enter until July 31st. The first-place winner will receive a BMW sedan, the second-place winner an iPad, the third a ticket to IU's concert, and the fourth a gift card for Mexicana Chicken.

GO sign up now! =)

IU homeplus stands

A fan just posted photos of IU stands. Felt that it was cute and decided to share with you all =)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

IU's PD and Kim Se Hwang Tweets about Ice flower

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아이유&김연아 싱글 공개!!! 김세황씨 기타 연주도 함께 감상해 보시길....
IU&Kim Yuna digital single released!!! Also, enjoy Kim Se Hwang's guitar performance as well....

(*Note: You can preview/purchase the song on Mnet here.)

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Cho PD's twitter

http://music.naver.c...?albumId=199505 '김연아'+'아이유'의 [얼음꽃] 음원이 공개되었습니다! Yuna Kim & IU's new single has been released!

IU & Yuna Kim have gathered up to for a new single & I played the solo

Source: Kim Se Hwang's twitter

Another Me2Day post from IU


Today, the important performance which will determine the first pair to be eliminated from Kiss & Cry was held! Who knows, perhaps my days are numbered...ㅜㅜㅋㅋ Practice was enjoyable! I will try my best! IU Choi Inhwa team fighting!!^^

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: iu's me2day

IU left a photo for us too! =)

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Fwighting IU!!!!! You will be there till the last episode!

A bunch of new videos!

Found a bunch of new videos recently and hence decided to lump it together! Actually they belonged to old posts and I am supposed to update it...but I got lazy *bleahz*

Kiss and Cry Ep 5 Undisclosed cut

Ice Flower has blossomed!

Sorry for the kick ass title but here you go!

According to some representatives, “It normally takes over two hours to record a song, but they managed to finish it in an hour, which surprised all of the staff members.”

Also, profits from the digital single will go towards the development of better training environments for figure skaters. Figure skaters in Korea do not yet have their own exclusive ice-rink and must share with ice hockey players. In an effort to aid the figure skaters that must move ice-rinks late at night after hours, the two have decided to donate their profits towards the cause.

So, support the cause by  purchasing the music!

BTW love the duet =)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kiss and cry Selcas

Nothing much. Just wanna share a selca of IU and Yoo Sunhye =)

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Yoo Sunhye is Suh Jisuk's partner.

Credit: Weheartiu
Source: Yoo Sunhye's minihompy

She's actually quite cute IMO =)

IU's Dream is to produce a special album containing only her original compositions

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At the fanmeeting, fans held up their usual banner with the message, "We're here for IU" and with IU's fancafe going up the rankings from 17th position to 10th position recently, proving that the support from her fans has helped her to grow during this period of time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


IU and Brown Eyed Girls' member Ga-In were seen wearing the same cardigan.

The outfit they chose was a mint colored cardigan that gave off a lively spring feel. 

IU recently wore the cardigan on KBS 2TV 'Immortal Song 2'. She completed the look by wearing a matching comfortable black & white tshirt with the mint colored cardigan and had a casual & light look.

Ga-In on the otherhand wore the cardigan on MBC's daily sitcom, 'All My Love'. She showed off a more feminine look by wearing a sleevelesss floral-patterened V-neck with the cardigan.

Comparing the two pictures side-by-side, netizens commented, "Although the styles are different, they are both very pretty" and "IU looks girly whereas Ga-In gave off a more mature look."

Translated by snjeung @ dkpopnews
So who do you think wore it better?

Ice flower preview out!

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<키스앤크라이> 얼음꽃 +_+ 으로 시작된 오늘 방송. 연아선수+아이유양 목소리 너무 이쁘네요~
<Kiss & Cry> Today's broadcast started with 'Ice Flower' +_+. Kim Yuna + IU's voices are so pretty~

Listen to MP3 preview here.

(*Note: The song will officially be released on June 21st.)

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Kiss & Cry twitter