Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MBC's Idol Star Athletics affected by heavy snow

Updated with a preview of the event! =)
Remember the athletics event MBC is organizing that we reported awhile ago? (if not you can view it here)
Apparently it was badly affected due to an unexpected heavy snowfall in the Jamsil, Seoul area.

The heavy and unexpected snowfall left most of the idol and filming crew stuck in traffic, delaying the whole process. Furthermore, outdoor track events like the 100m dash that was to be filmed at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium had to be replaced with a 50m indoor dash at the nearby Jamsil Gymnasium.

Some photos with regards to the event has been released! Check it out at here! (Warning: Heavy spoilers)

Secret garden to Circus garden

Remember awhile back we reported that IU had a date with Kim Tae Woo and subsequently recorded a song together?

Well the show has been broadcasted! Check out the unsubbed video under the cut!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IU “Thanks to my fans, it’s a wonderful Lunar New Year”

An interview with IU has just been released. Check out the translated article! =)

Something that we all have been waiting for!

That's right! It's none other then another new song from IU!
Go under the cut for the translated article!!

Lunar New Year Special fo "M! Countdown"

This week's episode of M!Countdown will be replaced with a special Lunar New Year episode where top stars such as TVXQ, GD&TOP, Big Bang’s Seungri, and ‘Superstar K2‘ finalists Huh Gak, John Park, Kang Seung Yoon and of course, IU will be doing covers of legendary hits.

“If you’re a fan who’s been unable to catch up on the latest popular music because of your busy daily schedule, this is a perfect opportunity to update yourself on everything from watching just this one special broadcast alone,“ the “M! Countdown” producer explained.

Catch it if you are free or come back to our blog where we will bring you  the updates! =)


"The Story of the Horse and Me, Alicia" OST 'Alica' Released!

Updated with the MV of Alicia and more photos!
No words needs to be said for this post. Just press play and enjoy =)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini Concert for Dream High

 Yes! Fans of 'Dream High' are in for a treat as the cast will be holding a mini concert for the recording of a special episode.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another week of sports chosun voting starts!

Sorry just love this pic that's why haha

Anyway, the voting for SportsChosun week Jan 24th to Jan 31st results are out!

IU won herself 2,328 votes! *cheers*

I have to admit that it was a far cry from Taeyeon's 306,843 votes, but I am sure that every single vote given means something to our dear IU and us, her fans.=)

If you are unhappy about the voting results, Another voting round has started! This time is for the week Feb 1st to Feb 7th! Let's work hard at trying to push IU to the top ya!!!!=)

In case, you forgotten the link here it is: Sports Chosun


IU to sing a duet with....

**Updated with a preview of their duet "Way back into love"

That's right! One of Her ideal man, Kim Tae Woo