Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something that we all have been waiting for!

That's right! It's none other then another new song from IU!
Go under the cut for the translated article!!

It was recently announced that singer IU will be resuming her singing activities after a month of resting her voice, which was due to the fear of worsening her health condition.

“IU will be releasing her follow-up song, ‘The Story Only I Didn’t Know’, this coming February 17th,” LOEN Entertainment told TV Report on February 2nd.

They continued, “We are currently discussing whether to release it as a repackage album of her 3rd mini-album, “Real“, or just as a digital single.”

Composed and produced by Kim Ina and Yoon Sang, respectively, “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” is a ballad which will bring about a new feel compared to the songs IU has released so far.

If the song is to be released as part of a repackage album, it will consist of the songs from her mini-album, “Good Day”, as well as both the original and piano versions of “The Story Only I Didn’t Know.” The album will also include another new track, titled “Cruel Fairy Tale” by Saint Binary.

The agency representative stated, “IU has never stopped experimenting with her music. She will once again put her main focus on widening her musical spectrum and covering more genres.”

On January 16th, IU officially announced a sudden wrap up of her music promotions due to her already busy schedules with her filming for the KBS 2TV drama, “Dream High”, and her regular appearances on SBS’s “Heroes.”
Credits: Vitalwarning@allkpop
Source: http://media.daum.net/breakingnews/entertain/view.html?cateid=1005&newsid=20110201200809892&p=tvreport

Isn't that a great news!!!! *claps* but I certainly hope she would take care of herself more thou =(

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