Friday, February 11, 2011

Dream High Episode 8 English subs

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And episode 8!!! =)

'Good Day' Popular in Japan as well!

Recently, an article surfaced on IU's popularity in Japan!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gaon chart results for 2010!

Are you ready for the Gaon Chart results for 2010? Go under the cuts to see how IU did! =)

Yoo In Na talks about IU

On Feb 9th, actress Yoo In Na, went on MBC Radio’s “Blue Night, This is Jung Yeob”. She mentioned many things but most importantly, she talked about IU!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dream High Episode 7 English subs

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Episode 7!!!

IU's Open Concert Fancams!

Recently, IU participated in an Open Concert and here are some fancams!

IU performing Good Day
IU performing MarshMellow

Credits: Shindonggyo@youtube

Seung Ri under fire!

The photo shown above had Big Bang's Seung Ri under heavy fire from netizens. Seung Ri was seen playing with IU's hair during the MBC Idol Star Athletics and garnered some very harsh comments like "Don't bother IU,ok?", "Aren’t you going to drop those hands?", "Seungri, you’d better watch out next time!"

Well what do you guys think? Was it ok for Seung Ri to fiddle with IU's hair like this? Post your replies in the comments below! =)

Credits: Kacey@dkpopnews


It’s just been revealed that IU will officially return with follow-up promotions through the release of her third mini-plus album, “REAL+“!

Good day chosen as the perfect confession song for Valentines day!

Valentines' day is around the corner and have you chosen your confession song?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lee Juk, "Indeed, She's really good"

Lee Juk, a famous korean singer commented about IU's singing on 'Dream High'. Go under the cut to check out the translated article! =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dream High Episode 6 English subs

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Sorry for the delay! Episode 6 Eng Subs! =)

Sportchosun Music Power Ranking 2011.2.7 to 14

Yes the SportChosun Music Power ranking voting from 7th to 14th has started!!!! Remember to go vote for our dear IU competition was very stiff sobzsobz

Here is the link: SportsChosun

IU's funny 'Heroes' cut

Nahz not this Heroes

Footage of MBC's Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Competition

MBC's Idol Star Athletics was broadcasted recently however there was only 1 footage of IU. This was due to the heavy snowfall which caused recording for the sports event to be delayed. Hence, IU had no choice but to leave without recording anything as she was scheduled to go record 'Dream High'. But anyways, here you go! The only precious footage of IU!

Opening ceremony:


Credits: Youtube uploaders

Corinne Bailey Rae's First Korean Concert!

Is this an advertisement for Corinne Bailey Rae? Erm no and yes! The reason for this post is because Corinne Bailey Rae is going to have a special guest for her first korean concert and she is none other then.....

'Good Day' chosen as top digital song for the month of January.

Music analyst Hanteo has chosen IU's song 'Good Day to be the top digital song for January!

Behind the scenes photos for 'Dream High'

Some behind the scenes photos were released for 'Dream High'! Check it out yo!


Jung Juri imitates IU!!!

Ok, this is just for laughs but Jung Juri recently did a parody of our IU's 'Good Day'! Check out the video!

LOL!!!! Hope you all enjoyed it too!!!! =)

Credits: PP2pinkyTOP2@youtube