Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It’s just been revealed that IU will officially return with follow-up promotions through the release of her third mini-plus album, “REAL+“!

On February 10th, representatives of Loen Entertainment stated, “On February 17th, IU will be releasing her ‘REAL+’, which is an album that features additional content to ‘REAL’. It is not a separate album on its own, and is a follow-up to the original.”

Rumored to have been a re-packaged album, it’s clear that IU sought to make up for the interrupted promotions by dropping a ‘mini-plus’ album instead. “REAL+” will feature three new songs, as well as her promotion track, “Story I Didn’t Know“, a ballad track by Yoon Sang.

Her representatives continued, “This album will be continuing IU’s musical direction, but with an added spectrum. Fans will be able to hear an analog style and an overall deeper musical quality.”

Pre-orders for the album will begin on February 10th.
Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop

WUHoooooo!! Are you all excited? cause I am! Remember to go do your pre orders to support IU!! =)

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