Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dream High Episode 12 English subs

Dream High Ep 12!!!

IU voted as female idol with best vocal

Recently, TV Report has conducted a survey,’Idol with the best vocals’, on 223 students from UVA. For the female idol section, IU was ranked first!!! As if we didn't know already.

Past sticker photos of a sweet couple posed surfaced. Male fans are in a ‘jealous rage’

Another post that male fans hate sorry manz 

Recently, photos of IU with an unknown male has surfaced on the net which caused some "disturbance in the force". Check out the translated article =)

Music Core Performances!

IU's music core performance for today is out! Enjoy!!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

IU closer to Wooyoung due to 'Dream High'

Do you smell milk (WooU is milky in Korean) in the air? Sorry had to do it hee

Kim Yuna VS IU

Remember a while ago, we reported about IU's Hoppin CF? Debates has arose because of this! Check out the translated article under the cut!

IU going for 5 hit streak?

IU is looking to extend her streak to 5 by landing her newest song into the number 1 spot!!!!

IU, G.NA and Kan Mi Yeon “Solo Battle of the Teen, 20s, and 30s”

The battle of the solo artists has started.

According to Melon, IU, G.NA, and Kan Mi Yeon accounted for 5 of the top 10 songs on the music chart.

IU accounted for three of the 5 songs with Someday, Story Only I Didn’t Know, and Cruel Fairytale.

G.NA’s Black and White is at number 7 currently after getting number 1 on M Countdown.

Kan Mi Yeon is at 10th place with her new song Paparazzi.

The three of them are all from the teens, 20s and 30s. IU is currently 18 (American age), G.NA is 24, and Kan Mi Yeon is 29 (Korean age makes her 30).

Source: Star News

Who do you all think will win? IU of course

IU's Music Bank Come back!

The day we have long awaited for!!!!!!! IU's come back at Music Bank!!!! Check out the videos of her performances!

IU, Kan Miyeon and Kahi interview

More under the cut!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another celebrity declared his love for IU!

 It's Noh Ki Tae!

Milky couple strikes again!

Yes...once again male (die hard fans) pls look away

Recently, Wooyoung(2pm) uploaded photos of himself and IU on the set of 'Dream High' through his twitter!

Both Wooyoung and IU have been receiving much love from fans as the “WooU (Milky) couple”. The fandom exploded with the airing of the last episode, as one of their secret wishes finally came true.

Netizens have been showing much interest in the picture, commenting, “Both are too cute!! ♥♥ Pilsook~ Jason~♥“, “Couple glasses?? keke it’s cute”, “Gosh…they look so studious”, and “Milky couple fighting!! ^-^.”

Credits: phenom@allkpop
Source: Wooyoung's twitter

Really hope that they would be together =) just kidding

M Count Down Starwars: Yoseob(B2st) VS IU

Found this clip on IU VS Yoseob on M! Countdown Starwars. Check it out!

Note: Will find the subbed version of this video soon =)

IU’s “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” occupies the top of charts as soon as it’s released

Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IU's new single “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” which is released today, occupies the top of various music charts as soon it’s released to public!!! “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” emerged on #1 on music charts such as Melon and Cyworld after been released at Feb 17th midnight. Netizens also give positive responses for this.=)

Source: Asiatoday

Let's celebrate!!!!!!!

"Please give it a lot of love"

Yes! You heard it! Pls give IU (and this blog) lot's of love!!!

5 cruel fairy tales in IU's "Cruel Fairy Tale"?

The hidden story behind IU’s “Cruel Fairy Tale,” has been catching the attention of both the press and fans.

"The story only I didn't know" MV about incest?

An article recently released about the contents of IU's new MV "The story only I didn't know"

IU's mature transformation stuns netizens

On February 16th, Lyricist Kim Eana tweeted, “Risky period of growth. Transforming from a girl to a lady IU, taken during the process“.

IU was seen lying on a bed with a dreamy expression on her face. Her slightly curled fist seems to express vulnerability and pain, which is further emphasized by her little black dress.

IU’s mature transformation has stunned everyone who’s viewed the photo, and netizens were divided over this new look. Certain responses indicate that some preferred her girly image: “Kim Eana’s words are mysterious“, “Is this her new concept for the mini album? It’s not yet time for this transformation!“,  and “Although it’s intriguing, I don’t like it.

What do you guys think? Which image do you all prefer?

Credits: Ramham424@allkpop
Source: Nate

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real+ mini album and "The story only I didn't know" MV!

Before I start this post, let's just enjoy the main course first ya?

"The Story Only I didn't know" MV

Kim Soo Hyun's Birthday Bash

Taecyeon recently tweeted about Kim Soo Hyun's birthday on the set dream high and released this photo!

"IU's voice is beautiful"

Wonder who said that? Check it out under the cut!

Samsung Galaxy CF

Samsung recently released a new CF of IU!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Wow, that guy must have angered the gods for something like this to happen to him =S

Credits: Hihan0326@youtube

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dream High Episode 11 English subs

Update: The links on this post have been removed. Please visit the VIDEOS section for the new links

Dream High episode 11!!!!

IU foretells Jay coming back to 2pm

As IU’s vision for her winning the Gayo Awards became true, eyes are turning to Park Jaebum, who she had picked secondly.

Pilsook loves IU and IU loves Pilsook

In the most recent episode of ' Dream High', fans found out that Pilsook is a fan of IU! as thou they were different people lol

"The story only I didn't know" MV teaser released!

IU just released a teaser MV of her new song!!!!! Check it out!!!

Composed by the famous Yoonsang as a present for IU, the video for this nostalgic ballad track sees actress Park Bo Young alongside Yoonsang on the piano, while she sorrowfully narrates, “Maybe… On days like this, I feel like someone might come to find me.”

Loen Entertainment
further commented, “This follow-up track is the first time IU will be attempting a song that has depressing emotions and a modern sound.” 

Credits: yt uploader

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sportchosun Music Power Ranking 2011.2.14 to 21

A new week of voting starts!~!!! Please remember to go vote for IU!!!!!!! 

Last week (02.07-02.14) IU was 4th in place. Let's push her till she becomes first!!!!! GOGOGO!

Link: SportsChosun

Dream High Episode 10 English subs

Episode 10!!!!!!!

Japanese record labels compete for IU

Japanese record labels have been calling IU, with the hopes of replicating smashing success of fellow Korean singers Kara and SNSD.

It’s no surprise that she’s attracted the attention of Japanese labels, as she’s been nothing but popular since her “Good Day” comeback. But she’s become even more of a hot commodity because of her role in KBS’s hit drama, “Dream High“, which will be airing in Japan soon and is expected to garner high ratings.

Her management company said that they were “willing to consider a Japanese debut, but we’re in no hurry as we’d like to solidify our domestic position first.”

Really hope that she can be as successful in Japan as Kara and SNSD. Let's cheer for her!! =)

Credits: Sarahsusiepak@allkpop
Source: KSGoodnes.Kr

Lee Jung does a cover of Good Day! well as SNSD's Gee and 2ne1's I don't care......Check it out!

Not bad rite? But IU's version is the best

Credits: Crazy Carrot @youtube

IU is in the recording studio!

Just in case you thought IU was on a 'Dream High' break, a photo of recording her upcoming album has surfaced online.

The photo above was uploaded on twitter by Eana Kim. The caption describes IU finishing up a musical recording. The anticipation for her new album is increasing after her previous hit single “Good Day“. The singer and actress is photographed will Lyricist Yu.

The proof is in the tweet! IU will return to the K-pop scene soon in all of her former “Marshmallow” “Nagging” glory!

Are you anticipating her comeback?

Sources: @eanakim and Newsen

Sunday, February 13, 2011

High1 Seoul Music Awards 2011

Update: Included the subbed video of IU's interview at SMA and other videos

The High1 Seoul Music Awards 2011 just concluded a few hours ago and our dear IU did well with an outstanding performance as well as winning for herself some awards!

A little sugar to make things sweeter for Valentines day!

Bizniz, a rapper and singer, collaborated with IU for a valentine's day mix of his song titled 'Suga Luv'. Get ready to oooooz cause it's very good! =)

Credits: Youtube uploaders

Dream High Episode 9 English subs

Update: The links on this post have been removed. Please visit the VIDEOS section for the new links

 Episode 9!

IU pretty since childhood

The pictures of IU from kindergarten to debut is popular online. On an online forums, pictures of IU came up with the title of "Change of IU." The pictures showed her since kindergarten. Each picture was titled "Elementary school IU", "Middle school IU", "High school IU", "Debut IU", "Marshmallow IU" and so on.

The netizens are saying "She was pretty since childhood" "Keep growing up like this."

Credits: askactor
Source: Star News

IU's old forum questions surfaced!

A post written by IU for Naver’s ‘KnowledgeiN‘ service before her debut has recently been discovered by netizens. Go under the cut to check out the translated article! =)

Park Jin Young regrets letting go of IU

Park Jin Young, CEO of JYPE, recently went on KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Weekly' and commented about IU's unsuccessful audition for his company.

Sell out girl IU?

Recently, on the latest episode of  'Dream High'. IU has been spotted wearing a Disney ponytail holder in the shape of a mickey mouse. The ponytail holder is made by Walt Disney Jewelry and makes use of pink cubic crystals. IU made a hair statement by putting only half of her hair up with this adorable hair accessory.

Since then, viewers have been constantly ringing up KBS’s phone lines inquiring about the fashion item she wore and Disney's homepage traffic increased by 30%

A spokeswoman from Disney revealed, “This is one of Walt Disney Jewelry’s steady sellers. It has been very popular among our customers for its cute appearance and useful function. You can easily put your hair into a ponytail with this accessory to accentuate your cuteness“.

Note: Sell Out girl refers to a someone who causes the accessories they wore to be sold out in an instant

Credits: Ramham424@allkpop
Source: Nate