Saturday, February 19, 2011

IU voted as female idol with best vocal

Recently, TV Report has conducted a survey,’Idol with the best vocals’, on 223 students from UVA. For the female idol section, IU was ranked first!!! As if we didn't know already.

IU has shown her ’3 octave vocals’ in a music program, which gained her a great amount of fans. Her natural-born talent is obvious as she has such a powerful vocal although she is still young. In the recent survey, she received 66.16% of the votes and took the 1st place. No one seemed to have any objection towards the result.

SNSD Taeyeon came in 2nd with 18.69% of the total votes. Taeyeon has proven her vocal skills through many solos she sang. Not long ago, MR-removed version of Taeyeon’s ‘I Love You’ had garnered huge attention due to her great vocals.

Wonder Girls’ SunYe was placed 3rd with 8.59%. Recently, Her clear and delicate voice was presented in KBS Dream High’s OST ‘Maybe’.

Meanwhile, Luna from f(x) came in 4th, collecting 5.05%, while Jieun from Secret secured the 5th spot with 4.55% from the total votes cast.

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