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IU talks about Shin Bong Sun and what she plans to do with her future boyfriend

IU recently had an interview with Entertainment Weekly, check out what have been said! =)

“I think I’m resembling Shin Bong Sun more and more.”

IU's London photoshoot to be featured in May issue of 'Sure'

Just as the title said! Hope they post many photos of IU! =) Check out the details below!

'Sure' magazine May issue
IU's London story
19-yr old gifted performer, IU, went for her first trip to London.
The photoshoot that was carried out as she made her way around the back alleys of London, will only be revealed in the 'Sure' magazine.

The magazine is scheduled to be published on April 19th.

Credit: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: kyobobook

IU, “Declined ‘I am a Singer’? No! Never Got an Offer”

Some people have come up with rumors that the national younger sister and the most popular artist, IU has declined the offer to appear on the show “I am a Singer” but her management company said “we think the order has been reversed.”

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shin Moon Hee Twits about IU!

넘 구여운 아이유와~
이건 모..마미와 딸 컨셉!
With the very cute IU~
This is practically a.. Mommy and Daughter concept!

Translation: janeberryblue @
Source: Twitter

I tried searching up who she is but unfortunately I can't seem to find any info about her. Does anyone knows? Anyway just glad that everyone loves IU! =) 

Radio Star Part 2 videos

The IU section was spread over 2 episodes and this is the 2nd part of it. Watch it quick before YT removes it! Cheers!

Credits: Sup3rJunior13@yt

Inkigayo Magazine April Issue Interview

Your feelings now are probably different from when you appeared on Inkigayo as singers.
IU: Yes, when I was standing on the stage as a singer, I only had to prepare for a 3 minute performance, but for this, I have to deal with my nerves throughout the entire hour. Even right now, I feel quite tense.
Kikwang: I get nervous too, but it's fun. I'll enjoy my job by being entertaining.

Another Celebrity Closet fan of IU revealed

Yes! Another celebrity has revealed herself to be a fan of IU! And she is....

On April 15th, Cho Yeo Jeong made a guest appearance on KBS Cool FM's "Ock Ju Hyun's Music Plaza". As she considers herself an IU fan, she sang IU's "Good Day" on the radio.

I sense another scandal

Why do I say so? Read on...

Very friendly pictures between singers IU and Seo In Kook have been revealed.

On April 14th, a famous online portal bulletin uploaded the photos (seen above) along with the comment, “The always joyful photoshoot of IU and Seo In Kook.”

In the pictures, the two singers are displaying a cute ‘campus couple’ atmosphere for an advertisement photoshoot. With her pigtails and suspenders, IU is fully showing off her cute charms. Seo In Kook, on the other hand, is showing off his broad shoulders in a pinstriped shirt. Also, their pleasant appearance even off camera has been garnering much interest.

Netizens stated, “The two are lasting a long time as a pictorial couple” and “They really look good together! Take this chance and date each other!”

Source: Nate

Haha don't you all sense another scandal coming up? Sigh IU should learn to control her charms sometimes LOL

Thursday, April 14, 2011

IU attends movie premiere of "The most beautiful farewell in the world"

Numerous popular idols attended the VIP premiere of the movie, “The Most Beautiful Farewell in the World,” to show their support for the lead actor, Kim Kapsoo. Held on April 13th, the premiere took place at Megabox COEX in Seoul.

IU pranked together with her teacher on Aprils' fool

IU has gained attention for her involvement in an April Fools' Day incident that was revealed in the April issue of the SBS Inkigayo magazine.

Mnet Idol Chat Show Video Cut

Just a very very short post! IU at Mnet Idol Chat Show!

[Update] IU wins at Nickelodeon's Korea Kids Choice Awards 2011

Update: Included a video of IU's thank you speech!

CONGRATS TO ALL FANS OF IU!!!!CAUSE IU WON!!!!!!!!!! *partying partying partying yeah!*

Popular children’s entertainment channel, Nickelodeon, recently held their annual “Korea Kids Choice Awards 2011 (KKCA 2011)” show. The awards were determined by polls held on Nick’s online site, which were open from March 15 to April 3. With seven categories to vote in, a total of 7415 people participated.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heroes Episode 13 eng sub

sI bet you all must have waited long for this! Heroes episode 13 eng subbed is up at Super Heroes Subs! Be sure to stop by to catch the video! =) Also remember to thank the subbers who put in lots of hard work! =)

PS: For those first timers, please visit the Videos section for the guide on how to watch it. Thanks!

YS'B unloads more goodies!

Probably you all know what I am going to say next. Photo spam time! =)

More under the cut!

IU and more to perform at Angel Price Music Festival

The Angel Price Music Festival will take place on April 17th (Sunday) at the Lotte World Ice Rink, and they have revealed their big line-up artist list on April 11th. The music festival boasts many top Korean artists that will perform between noon and 10PM KST.

The music festival is divided into 5 different acts. The first act will be performed by IU and ZE:A between 12PM and 1PM KST. The second act will consist of SNSD and Kim Kyungrok, who will perform between 2:30PM and 3:30PM KST.

2NE1 and MBLAQ have been assigned the 3rd act and will be performing between 4:30PM and 5:30PM KST. The 4th act will be by Big Bang and Gavy NJ, and they will perform between 6:30PM and 7:30PM KST. The final act will be performed at 8:30PM thru 9:30PM KST by TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin) and Nine Muses.

Credits: Uni@koreaboo
Source: Coupang

Wuhoooo!! Another IU event! =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daum yozm interview Part 2 (warning long post)

To read part 1 Click HERE

Q1. You're considering trying other acting roles in future right? hehe Dream High was so good, I watched it all the time~

IU and other idols to appear on MBC '1004 Marathon' celebration show

In light of the "Disability Awareness Day" in April, MBC is celebrating its 50th anniversary by hosting the '1004* Relay Hope Marathon' on April 16th, taking the opportunity to raise awareness among the non-disabled about those who are disabled and to convey a message of hope to Korea's 2 million disabled people, by providing a stage for the disabled and non-disabled to work together in harmony.

IU, “If I Don’t Text Back to Yoon Sang, He Gets Sad”

Singer IU revealed the prudent side of singer Yoon Sang.

IU came out on MBC’s “Come to Play” and said “I usually call him ‘dad’. He also sends me a lot of text messages on how I did on variety shows. However, there is one thing bad about this. He gets sad and mad at me if I don’t text him back.”

IU said “One day, I met him at a radio show and he asked me ‘why do you ignore texts from your dad?’” and got mad at me. Yoon Sang said embarrassingly, “I have this personality where everything has to be done quickly and efficiently or I get mad. So whenever a reply is late, I get nervous, mad, and sad at the same time.”
Also on the show was jazz pianist Kim Gwang Min, and guitarist Lee Byung Woo.

Source: Sports Chosun

Note: This episode of "Come to Play" is not IU's episode. IU only appeared for a short while.

IU looks further into her acting career

IU will be looking to further her acting career.

IU recently debuted as an actress in the drama “Dream High.” She took the role of Pilsook, who transformed from obese teenager to IU with only her love for Jason. She came out as a cute and lovely character, creating nicknames such as “Pilsook-mon” “milk couple.”

Since then, other works that want IU as a cast are flowing in. Her management company said “since Dream High, scripts and scenarios continue to come in. IU has felt that acting is fun so she is looking forward to choosing one of the scenarios. She hasn’t decided yet since she was really busy with ‘Good Day’ and other songs that followed and doesn’t want to overwork herself. But if a scenario really interests her and she really wants to do it, we won’t be stopping her.”

IU is also working as an MC of “Inkigayo.”

Source: Sports Chosun

Glad that things are going well for her. GO IU!!!! =)

Wooyoung and Seulong talks about IU

On April 11th, 2PM’s Wooyoung, Taecyeon and 2AM's Seu long guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and shared some stories about IU.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Star Blind date english subbed!

Remember a long long long long time ago, we reported that IU went on a star blind date with Kim Tae Woo for the Lunar New year special? Well the english subs are out! Enjoy!

PS: Please click the link below it if it is not playing for you =)

IU (아이유) - Star Blind Date [2011.02.02] (1/2) by weheartiuTV

IU (아이유) - Star Blind Date [2011.02.02] (2/2) by weheartiuTV


Dara and IU's apple hairstyle faces off

2NE1’s Sandara Park and the solo singer IU were both recently seen with similar “apple” hairstyles, causing excitement and conflict between fans. The hairstyle is notable for its charming way of showing off one’s forehead by tying the fringe with a hair tie.

A few months ago, Sandara posted a photo of herself sporting the apple hairstyle on her me2day account. Both male and females fans left enthusiastic comments. IU’s similar appearance on the third season of the KBS2TV program “Happy Together” also caught the attention of viewers.

The cute and youthful looks of both singers has created divided opinions between fans. IU’s fans have written responses like “As expected, IU is a cute trendsetter with an apple hairstyle” and “IU’s cute charm makes even ajusshi fans fall for her.” Sandara’s fans, on the other hand, have remarked, “Sandara Park’s apple hair is the best” and “No one can beat Sandara Park’s charm with her apple hairstyle.”

Whose hairstyle do you like better?

Credits: Lucy@koreaboo

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