Thursday, April 14, 2011

IU pranked together with her teacher on Aprils' fool

IU has gained attention for her involvement in an April Fools' Day incident that was revealed in the April issue of the SBS Inkigayo magazine.

In this issue of the magazine, talented mischievous idol stars, including Kim Hyung Joon, G.NA, Jewelry members (Eunjung, Baby J, Yewon, Semi) and Kim Bo Kyung, revealed some cute memories from April Fools' Day.

In particular, IU's confession of an incident as a student has caught the attention of many. After morning assembly at school, the class president got up and shouted, 'Attention! Bow!' and all her classmates went, 'Goodbye!' in unison, before walking out of the classroom. IU wasn't aware of the situation at all, but just followed her friends out of the classroom. Later on when she found out that her friends had pulled a prank on the teacher, she felt as if she was a victim of their prank too. Nevertheless, it was good fun.

Jewelry's Eunjung also revealed a similar incident at school. Students from one class got up and switched seats with students from another class, but since it was April Fools' Day, the teachers were understanding, so they had a fun day at school.

G.NA, who has been receiving attention lately for her healthy physique and toned body, sent a text message to 2AM, 4minute and B2ST members saying, "It's too tiring to be a singer in Korea, I'm returning to Canada." 2AM's Jo Kwon replied, "Noona, you're going back to Canada? What's this about Canada all of a sudden!" She received many responses from them, all showing utter confusion and shock, unaware that G.NA might have been lying.

Credit: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: SBS Hub

Anyway here are some shots from the magazine! =)

Credit: WeHeartIU
Source: via iuholic

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