Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just something random....

Found this video and I found it really funny!!! I think it was supposed to be sad lol

Bonus pictures under the cut!

[Update 2] IU performs at Kyungwon university!

Update 2 22/5/2011:  Included a short footage of IU on KBS entertainment week

Update: Included photos of the event right at the end of the post!

IU recently performed at Kyungwon university for the Kyungwon festival! Here are the fancams!

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New Mexicana Goodies!

Mexicana Chicken in which the chickens or products they offer are no way Mexican released new goodies!

More below!

[Update] Union Bay Fan signing Event

Update 21/5/2011: Included more photos!

IU went for UnionBay's fan signing event yesterday. Check out the photos!

 So many people attended! But why so few photos? Probably too excited to see IU and forget to snap.
And well done, I succeeded in talking to myself...again...geezzz

Another Union Bay Tweet

IU recently appeared for Union Bay's Fan-signing event and Union Bay expressed their thanks through their tweet! Check it out!

[UNIONBAY] 유니온베이 전속모델 아이유 광주첨단점 사인회, 무사하게 잘 끝났어요!
유니온베이 광주첨단점은 아이유양때문에 명소로 될꺼같은 느낌이 팍팍 들었어요~
너무 많이모이셔서 안전때문에 잠시 중단하고 시작하였는데 다행이 질서를 잘 지켜주셔서 감사드립니다! 아이유양 인증샷! 한장~ 다음주에 더 자세한이야기는 홈페이지에올려드릴께요~트친님들 즐거운주말되셔요!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kyunghee Uni School festival!

Another school performance! Looks like IU won't have any problems going into one in the future =)

Uploaded with

Le Coq Sportif Summer Collection

Take a look at the HOT photos! =) It sure makes u sweat! Forgive me for the bad pun
Just because I get to choose the profile pics =)

Hanyang and Ajou University photos and videos!

IU recently performed at Hanyang and Ajou University!!!! (yes all in one a superwoman) nuff said. Now let me spoil you with the videos and photos! =)

More goodies under the cut!

BTS tweet from Union Bay!

[UNIONBAY] 아이유&서인국 광고촬영동영상 OPEN!! 23일 월요일에는 동영상관련하여 이벤트가 오픈될예정이며, 조금더 많은이야기가 담겨있는 긴 영상도 오픈예정이에요! 선물도 푸짐하게 준비되어있으니

On the set of Samsung Galaxy S2 CF ♬ - Part 2 [Warning Long Post!]

Click HERE to read PART 1!!!! =)

(Galaxy S2; What happened on the set of the CF)

Sung SIkyung stuck a straw on IU's back!

What that even possible? Just joking please don't take it literally.

Singer Sung Sikyung reveals his thoughts on the opportunity to have a duet with his junior IU.

With whom do idols want to have a spring outing with?

Last April, SBS Inkigayo made a popularity poll targeting the idols and the staff who have guested on the program. Additionally, they asked female idols to select the male idol they wanted to have a spring outing with and vice versa.

Music Bank goes to Japan!!

Japanese fans are you reading this?!?!?!! Lady luck is smiling at you!!! =)

Korea’s KBS music program “MUSIC BANK” will be heading to Tokyo for a live event at the Tokyo Dome on July 13th titled “K-POP FESTIVAL – MUSIC BANK in TOKYO – ”.

IU did not do plastic surgery!

Netizens are buzzing over a picture of IU that was uploaded onto the website of a facial plastic surgery clinic.


Noting that the clinic specializes in jaw surgery, netizens wondered whether the picture was taken after she had undergone surgery herself. After all, it’s normal for celebrities to pose for a picture with doctors if they get sponsorships from their clinics.

Kim Yuna and IU cross swords again! (maybe)

Looks like people just love pairing Kim Yuna and IU together. Remember the Samsung Ads?

It looks like there’s a good chance of IU singing the theme song of “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” with the figure skating queen herself!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 20 idols income ranking

In the recent Mnet's Idol Chart show, idols were ranked according to their incomes and our IU was ranked 3rd in terms of income. This is certainly not surprising due to the amount of CFs she is doing, good album sales and more. Check out the video segment and the list! =)

Check out the full list under the cut!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[Update 3 ] IU's first performance in Japan!

Update 3: Included photos of the event!

Update 2: Included a video of an interview with IU!

Update: Found a fancam! Also included fan accounts of IU's first performance!

16 teams including TVXQ, SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, IU, FT Island, B2ST, MBLAQ, Supernova, ZE:A, SG Wannabe, Secret, Miss A, f(x), 4Minute and Sistar performed on one stage in Japan where the Kpop idol wave is sweeping across rapidly.

Teasers and teasers!!!!!

Found a few videos that you all might be interested in. But all are too short to be a whole post, hence decided to lump all of them together.

1)Good Man. The song that IU is going to sing on Immortal Song 2=)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Le Coq Sportif May Event!

A new May event! But I think what's more important to us are the posters LOL

Credit : WeHeartIU
Source: Daum

Sister LOVE =)

Maybe a better title should be Heroes love LOL Cause recently, when IU was filming the first episode for 'Kiss and Cry', Jiyeon and Yoo In Na came by to support her! how sweet is that! =)

아이유의 단짝인 티아라의 지연과 유인나는 특별한 선물로 곰인형을 준비해 <영웅호걸> 팀이 다시 뭉치는 화기애애한 모습을 보였다.

IU's buddies, T-ara's Jiyeon and Yoo In Na, prepare a teddy bear as a special present for IU, showing a harmonious reunion of the 'Heroes' cast.

Credit: WeHeartIU
Source: Star News

The heroes cast are really close to one another. There was once where IU, Jiyeon and Kahi were spotted having lunch together at a restaurant.

Dream High OST Jap version to be released!

2011年 7月 27日発売
To be released on July 27th

Album will contain Japanese version of 4 songs

Japanese version recording footage DVD..

And also, a Japanese version special footage DVD

Credit: WeHeartIU
Source: 휘령무 @ dc inside

[Update] Immortal Song 2 Press conference

Update: Included an eng subbed video and photos!

A press conference was held recently to promote Immortal Song 2. Check out the details! =)

On May 16th, KBS’s upcoming variety show, “Immortal Song 2“, held a press conference at the new KBS building with the official line-up in attendance.

[Update] IU's Birthday Message to her fans!!!!! =)

Update: Included Eng subs!

A message for us!!!! Watch it! Replay it! =)

Credits: IUBunny@youtube

Hope IU managed to take a break today and had fun!!! =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

IU's fancafe msg

IU recently left a fancafe message for her birthday!


New Me2day posts!

IU recently posted 2 new Me2day posts!

The birthday rice cake that was delivered to me during Inkigayo! I enjoyed eating it together with the other performers and staff members! Thank you♥Also, there's really a lot of presents and letters! I want to take photos of all of them one by one and upload the photos, but then I would be slow to greet everyone! Thank you^^♥

On the set of Samsung Galaxy S2 CF ♬ - Part 1 [Warning Long Post!]

[On the set of Samsung Galaxy S2 CF ♬]
Meeting I♥U on such a good day♥
(Video Ddok-Dddokie:) Article Woo-joo-joo Photos Melissa)

[Update] New Homeplus CFs!

Update: Switched the video for an eng subbed one!

They are really cute!!!

The Making video below!

[Update] KBS entertainment weekly

Update: Included A video cut of the interview

In light of Teacher’s Day on May 15th, the topic of the show was “Stars who are likely to get scolded by their teachers”. Eun Ji Won came in first, followed by Yoo Se Yoon, IU, Shin Dong Yeob, Ryu Seung Beom and Psy.
On the other hand, as for stars who are likely to receive love from their teachers, Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Hee and Lee Seung Gi were chosen.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Daum

Hmmm would any teacher bear to scold her?

-Fake scenario-
Teacher: IU! You did something wrong!
IU: Looks back innocently
Teacher: All better! =)


[Update] S-Oil CF unleashed

Update: Switched for a better video =)

Wuhoo! it's out it's out!!!!!!

Loves it when she does a CF song =)


[Stickied] It is finally 16th of May and that means....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still love this pic the most =)

People all around have been wishing IU happy birthday! Check it out! =)

IU's biggest Uncle Fan by far Yoo Jae Suk

Comedian Yoo Jae Suk has revealed himself to be an IU ‘uncle fan’! 

Running Man (Unsubbed)

Hi all! Right hot from the oven! Running Man featuring IU! =)

RM.110515-1 by Denie22