Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Union Bay Tweet

IU recently appeared for Union Bay's Fan-signing event and Union Bay expressed their thanks through their tweet! Check it out!

[UNIONBAY] 유니온베이 전속모델 아이유 광주첨단점 사인회, 무사하게 잘 끝났어요!
유니온베이 광주첨단점은 아이유양때문에 명소로 될꺼같은 느낌이 팍팍 들었어요~
너무 많이모이셔서 안전때문에 잠시 중단하고 시작하였는데 다행이 질서를 잘 지켜주셔서 감사드립니다! 아이유양 인증샷! 한장~ 다음주에 더 자세한이야기는 홈페이지에올려드릴께요~트친님들 즐거운주말되셔요!

[[UNIONBAY] Unionbay's exclusive model, IU, held a fansign event at the Gwangju Chomdan outlet which went smoothly!
Thanks to IU, it feels like Unionbay's Gwangju Chomdan outlet has become a famous location~
Due to safety issues as a large crowd gathered, the event was suspended for a short while before it resumed, but luckily everyone kept in line, so thank you! A proof shot from IU! One shot~ Next week, more detailed stories will be uploaded on the homepage~ To our twitter followers, have an enjoyable weekend!

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Unionbay twitter

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