Friday, May 20, 2011

On the set of Samsung Galaxy S2 CF ♬ - Part 2 [Warning Long Post!]

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(Galaxy S2; What happened on the set of the CF)
(Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited; Today, for the sake of I♥U's health, let's not smoke indoors.)

Previous CF filming sites were full of smoke.
However, today, for the sake of I♥U's health, let's not smoke indoors!Posted Image
When female idols are shooting CFs, smoking indoors is almost always prohibited.Posted Image

On the set, everyone was divided into various teams for filming, lighting, directing and art.
Our well-organized and professional image surely worked to our advantage.Posted Image
Using a storyboard settled upon by an advertising agency, the production company took care of the in-between details.
It felt amazing to see the production company's concept become reality right in front of my eyes.Posted Image

(The efforts of many staff for just one cut.)

The filming process seems like a tiring process both psychologically and physically.
The responsibility of the CF director is to transform what is intended to be expressed into actual reality.

Having a harder time than anyone else was our IU and Hyuel [NOTE: Male CF Model], right?
Even so, throughout the filming, they never once gave up smiling, as they immersed themselves in work.Posted Image

The CF filming process starts off with concept planning, the storyboard and filling in of details for (Pre-Production), followed by scene sketching and filming for (Production), editing and throwing in of special effects for(Post-Production) before reaching completion.

Since the production of this CF was different from other CFs, it was a bit more complicated and the preparation period was especially long and difficult.Posted Image

But once IU came into the picture, the set was different.
It's IU after all, isn't it? A bright atmosphere!Posted Image  

Did you have a good look at IU?Posted Image
From below, the directing team was busy coordinating everything like this! Amazing, isn't it?
Recently, both Melissa_ and Woo-joo-joo♪ are dreaming of becoming producers.Posted Image

Did you take a good look at IU?
IU's charm lies in her cute appearance.
Compared to her appearance on TV, she looks SO much prettier in real life!Posted Image
I think this was truly a good day that motivated and inspired me to pick myself up once more.Posted Image

During my army days, one would often hear
"Stop staying out so late, Stop drinking so much, Why are you acting up like a ten-year-old?"
But if it's IU's nagging , I think I would want to listen to it all my life.Posted Image

Come on, everyone together now!
Gosh, One Two

I'm in my dream   
(Article sweaty Woo-joo-joo; Photos nervous Melissa; Video clever Ddok-Dddokie:))

Ah, isn't it a shame if Young Samsung just parts ways like this?Posted Image
Would you like to visit the real Galaxy S2 CF set together?
For real, bye! IU, we love you!Posted Image 

(NOTE: Audio for video was disabled by youtube for copyright reasons)

(NOTE: Non-IU photos were omitted.)
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Editing: janeberryblue @
Source: Young Samsung

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