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On the set of Samsung Galaxy S2 CF ♬ - Part 1 [Warning Long Post!]

[On the set of Samsung Galaxy S2 CF ♬]
Meeting I♥U on such a good day♥
(Video Ddok-Dddokie:) Article Woo-joo-joo Photos Melissa)

It's Woo-joo-joo, the guy who offers love and happiness to everyone.Posted Image
How is the sky so much more blue? Why is the breeze so perfect today? (NOTE: These are the starting lyrics to 'Good Day') I have no idea.

Today, I feel I will be able to offer even more love to everyone here at Young Samsung.Posted Image
I did good by becoming a 'PassionManager' who conducts the interview. (NOTE: 'PassionManager' is an official job title at Young Samsung.)Posted Image

And that! Is all because of IU.
Posted Image
We met with the hottest trend, IU, whom countless uncle fans and soldiers chose as the #1 singer they'd want to call upon for support and encouragement.Posted Image
At none other than the set for the Samsung Galaxy S2 CF!

"She has a very beautiful voice. Her acoustic covers left a deep impression on me." - Corinne Bailey Rae
"I want to write a song for the adorable IU." - Yoo Hee Yeol
"The only singer whom I have ever offered first to write a song for." - Kim Hyung Suk
"A singer I'll have to keep an eye on in the future." - Lee Seung Hwan

A great number of oppa fans, countless seniors and composers in the music industry have given positive feedback regarding solo singer IUPosted Image
Shall we meet her together now?

Starting out a notable rookie, IU has now secured her position as the hottest trend among new stars who are in the spotlight. And I can't help but think it's because of her mature vocals and music that is full of emotions.
I was afraid I too would become like Mr Yoo Hee Yeol with his hawk eyesPosted Image, still, I attempted to conduct an interview free of any ulterior motives.Posted Image
I'll go right ahead and begin my meeting with IU. Pay close attention, OK?Posted Image

Woo-joo-joo♪: Hello, IU. (Cheerful smile) I wonder if it's because of IU's lively appearance and popularity that you were chosen to be the model for this Samsung Galaxy S2 CF. Does such an IU encounter failures as well?
IU: It hasn't been long since I debuted, so I don't think I've had any major failures yet.

Woo-joo-joo♪: But last summer, I heard you had vocal cord nodules?
IU: I don't think my vocal cord nodules can really be considered a failure. If you equate being eliminated in auditions to failing, then you could see that as a failure. They say it's difficult to survive in the entertainment industry when you're young. But I don't really think that's my case. I don't know whether it it's because I'm young, but my seniors take good care of me and no matter where I go, I'm always the youngest, so they always treat me like a baby. So far I think it's a good thing. Even when we were filming 'Heroes', I really liked how my unnies took care of me a lot. (Laughter)

When IU laughs, she used to laugh until she almost passed out, but ever since her vocal cord nodules, she no longer has such a habit.
Furthermore, she failed auditions at more than 20 agencies, including JYP, and so it would be impossible for it to not be a painful memory.Posted Image

Ddok-ddok-i:): In that case, can you share your secret method to receiving so much love from your seniors?
IU: I don't have anything of that sort, honestly…… I'm still learning such things from my peers.

Woo-joo-joo♪: Oh what kind of stuff did you learn then?
IU: Rather than just doing aegyo* [*NOTE: overly cute actions/expressions], I learnt that I should take the initiative to approach seniors, to talk to them and greet them more often. I'm not very good at doing such things. My friends told me that I shouldn't just greet seniors and then just stand there, but to at least ask questions like, "Have you eaten?". So I'm learning to do that nowadays. I'm not a very friendly person, so I'm trying hard to change that.

Despite her child-like appearance, we saw a more mature side to her.
Also, even though she was faced with rather surprising questions, it was impressive how she answered them calmly.
Just as one would expect from....... IUPosted Image   

Woo-joo-joo♪: Well then, is there anything troubling you?
IU: Nowadays, I don't have anything on my mind. Upon completing my activities, I feel more at ease and currently, my schedule is freeing up too. I'm getting more spare time, so it don't really think I have any worries. It seems my next album will be the biggest source of worry for me. So far, nothing is concrete yet, but I'm making some small plans on my own.

Woo-joo-joo♪: Then does that mean in the next album we will be able to hear songs composed by IU?
IU: Though I'm working hard on my own, I don't really know if my original compositions will make the cut. (Laughter)

On the SBS TV program, 'Nightline', IU expressed that it would be great if the day would arrive quickly, when her own compositions would actually be included in a full album.
In the recent popular drama, 'Dream High', she showcased her original composition, 'Dreaming', fluttering the hearts of many.
The image of IU gradually working towards her dream left us with a strong impression.
Posted Image

Woo-joo-joo♪: IU is a senior to students who do not have much experience out in the real world. What is the most important thing required of you when you're in the working world?
IU: Oh…… let's see (Laughter) Fate is probably important.

Woo-joo-joo♪: Fate is something you can create, isn't it?
IU: I don't necessarily think it's something that can be made. Just as they say there are times when luck is on your side, it seems to play the most important role. When taking on a new challenge, things seem to only work out whenever luck is on my side. That seems to be the case.

For hard-work IU, she gave quite the unexpected response.
Listening to IU, who thinks luck is important, despite her strange reasoning, I found myself nodding in response.
That's right, that's right. Luck is indeed important!Posted Image

Woo-joo-joo♪: What's your philosophy on life, if any?
IU: I don't think I have such a thing yet. (very slightly taken aback) However, rather than a philosophy, I do have a motto in life, which is "I'm a lucky person". I think of 'luck' as something very important and regardless, I think of myself as an incredibly lucky person. In the past, there were moments when I felt I was unlucky. At that time, nothing seemed to work out for me. But ever since I started to positively think to myself that I'm a lucky person, everything seemed to go smoothly, I'd get hurt less and I wasn't having as many disappointments. So I'm holding onto this belief that I'm lucky.

Woo-joo-joo♪: In that case, do you believe in fortune when it comes to love as well?
IU: Ah fortune? You mean, like destiny? I think I believe exactly that.

On MBC 'Come to Play', IU revealed "I once went through a difficult time in life where I couldn't even keep in contact with my parents and had to stay with my grandmother and younger brother in a single room we rented, which was infested with cockroaches."
Listening to IU placing high emphasis on the importance of luck, it dawned upon me that it must have served as a positive driving force for her to overcome such extenuating circumstances in the past.
Posted Image 

Woo-joo-joo♪: What is 'music' to IU?
IU: Ah what is 'music'…… I get this question a lot. I always seem to be giving different responses though. I don't think it's really something you can express in words and there's no real need to insist on giving a definition either. I kept making up cool-sounding definitions like 'Music is *dotdotdot*'. But to be honest, I don't think it's necessary to do so. It's just that, music is music. (Laughter)

The meaning of 'IU' is I♥U, that is, 'You' and 'I' become one through music.
In a way, when I hear IU say "Music is music", I think she has already become one with the general public.
Posted Image

Ddok-ddok-i:): What's your favourite kind of music?
IU: I like many different genres of music. I like Acoustic to R&B. If I am to take into consideration my own character, I don't think I like 'Deep' [NOTE: thought-provoking and intense] music very much. In the past, I often listened to music that made me lost in thought, but nowadays, I'm often listening to music that is just music in itself.

Woo-joo-joo♪: The music that IU sings nowadays seems to contradict with your personality.
IU: I've always liked ballads and such. After I debuted, I didn't have the opportunity to do so, but this time as a follow-up to 'Good Day' promotions, I wanted to try singing a ballad.

IU has great respect for the singer Corinne Bailey Rae. On several broadcasts, she performed her own acoustic covers of Corinne Bailey Rae's hit songs, such as 'Like a Star' and 'Put Your Records On'.
She was even invited to perform as a guest for Corinne's concert. Corinne Bailey Rae is a wonderful senior to IU and was the first to inspire her to chase her dreams of becoming a singer.
Posted Image

Woo-joo-joo♪: Lastly, could you say a few words to the members of Young Samsung?
IU: To all Young Samsung members, ah that's difficult. Yes! Hello to all Young Samsung members. I'm IU. It's spring now. Since it's really spring, I only wish for good things to come your way and be careful of the last cold spell. Be careful of radiation as well and I hope you will always stay healthy. I hope to greet everyone with better appearances in future. Be happy.

I was really nervous then.
The set was really hot as well, but why do you think I was covered in sweat like this?Posted Image

It seems we have gotten closer to little sister IU and can learn all kinds of things from her, our social superior.Posted Image
Alright now shall we leave for the Galaxy S2 CF set together?Posted Image

(Note: Non-IU photos have been omitted.)

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Editing: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU
Source: Young Samsung

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