Friday, May 20, 2011

Sung SIkyung stuck a straw on IU's back!

What that even possible? Just joking please don't take it literally.

Singer Sung Sikyung reveals his thoughts on the opportunity to have a duet with his junior IU.

On the episode of MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Knee-drop Guru’ which aired on the 18th, Sung Sikyung made his second appearance in the past 4 years.

After his mandatory military service, Sung Sikyung sang a duet with IU. As soon as the digital single ‘It’s You’ was released last year, the song became an instant hit. This marked a turning point in his singing career of over 10 years.

MC Kang Hodong asked “After you returned from the military, did you feel that the music scene had changed a lot?”, to which Sung Sikyung answered, “Honestly, I was uneasy because it had all changed so much.”

At Kang Hodong’s next question "So that’s why you selected IU?”, Sung Sikyung had the entire studio laughing when he answered with, “I stuck a straw in IU’s back.*” At that time, IU’s popularity was at a frenzy, to the point where she was crowned the Nation’s Little Sister.

*Translator’s Note: Sung Sikyung is playing on the words of the popular phrase ‘I stabbed someone in the back’, which means ‘to betray someone.’ But in this case, instead of ‘stabbing’ IU as a form of betrayal, he jokes that he ‘stuck a straw’ in her back in order to reap the benefits of her popularity. 

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Source: Newsen  MDToday

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