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[Update 3 ] IU's first performance in Japan!

Update 3: Included photos of the event!

Update 2: Included a video of an interview with IU!

Update: Found a fancam! Also included fan accounts of IU's first performance!

16 teams including TVXQ, SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, IU, FT Island, B2ST, MBLAQ, Supernova, ZE:A, SG Wannabe, Secret, Miss A, f(x), 4Minute and Sistar performed on one stage in Japan where the Kpop idol wave is sweeping across rapidly.

On May 14th, as part of MBC's Japan special, the GFSC (Good Friends Save the Children) "Tohoku Earthquake" Charity Campaign event, otherwise known as "Tokyo Legend 2011" was held at the Saitama Super Arena.

Before the concert, all the performing artistes participated in a press conference and expressed their thoughts regarding the first large-scale concert since the Japan earthquake.

IU and Miss A, who were performing in Japan for the first time, showed nervous expressions. "I'm nervous about my first performance in Japan. I hope to leave a good impression on the audience after my performance," IU stated shyly.

(Note: Parts of the article unrelated to IU were omitted from this translation.)

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: My Daily


Credit: WeHeartIU
Source: Barks, Mantan, Jiji,, JP news

Interview Video


Fan accounts
네, IU는 일본 진출은 커녕 첫 무대임에도 불구하고 굉장한 성원이 있었습니다. 일본에 방송되고 있는 뮤직뱅크의 영향도 있겠고, 또 현재 방영 중인 드라마 드림하이의 역할이 크겠죠.
Yes, although she hasn't debuted in Japan and it was her first stage there, she received a great amount of support. Music Bank being broadcasted in Japan clearly has an effect on her popularity, also currently the drama 'Dream High' is being broadcasted so that probably plays a large role too.
저 는 저 수많은 아티스트들 중에서 유일하게 아이유만 응원하는 입장이다 보니 다 생략하고... 2AM이 세곡을 부른 후, 아이유를 소개했습니다. 그러자 아이유가 총총걸음으로 중앙무대까지 뛰어왔습니다. 제이슨 므라즈의 럭키를 2AM과 같이 부른 후, 2AM은 퇴장하고 아이유는 [나만 몰랐던 이야기]를 불렀습니다. 음향시설이 좋아서 그랬을까요. 일반 행사에서는 느낄 수 없었던 그런 느낌들이 전해져 오더군요. 음색이 너무 아름답네요. 뭐라고 표현해야 할까요. 맑디 맑은 물이 공기 중으로 퍼져나가면서 작은 알갱이들이 팍팍 터져나가는 느낌이랄까요. 맑은 음색에 허스키한 느낌이 스며 있어서 더할 나위 없이 매혹적인 음색을 만들어 내네요. CD를 몇번을 듣고 테레비로 보아도 느낄수 없는 그런 느낌이었습니다. 그리고, 노래를 너무 섬세하게 합니다. 1절과 2절이 거의 똑같은 곡임에도 불구하고 2절에서는 더욱 애절하게 절절한 슬픔이 배어 나옵니다. 왜 아이유가 이 노래를 가장 사랑한다고 했는 지 그 이유를 오늘 직접 귀로서 깨달았던 것 같습니다.

[나만 몰랐던 이야기]가 끝나자, 무대 아래에서 여자 무용수 세명이 팝업하면서 [있잖아]가 흘러 나왔습니다. 아이유는 갑자기 발성을 바꾸어 힘차게 원 투 쓰리 포 하며 [있잖아]를 불러주네요. 역시 [있잖아]는 분위기 업하는데 최고의 곡 같습니다. 파워풀하고 신나고. 다음이자 마지막 곡은 역시 [좋은날]이었는데요. 일본에도 꽤 알려져 있어서 그런 지 환호성이 터져 나옵니다. [좋은날]은 역시 좋았지만, 라이브는 약간 불안했습니다. (그냥 느낌일 지도) 그리고, 일본에서 첫 공연이고 하니, 3단고음 해 줬으면 했는데 역시 안하더군요. 3단고음 없어도 좋은 곡이기는 합니다만, 라이브에서의 포인트가 없다는 느낌은 강하게 들더군요. 마지막으로 관중들의 반응을 좀 들려 드리자면... 남녀 불구하고 아이유 귀엽다고 난리도 아니더군요. 너무 귀엽다고 인형 아니냐는 반응들이 여기저기서 들려왔습니다. 뭐 당연하다면 당연한게 일본 애니메이션 많이 보신 분들은 아시겠지만, 일본 애니메이션 주인공들 중에 아이유처럼 생긴 캐릭터 많습니다. 크고 맑은 눈, 작고 귀여운 코, 동글 동글 귀여운 얼굴에다 죽 뻗은 각선미... 일본인들의 이상향에 가까운 외모를 지녔다고 할수 있는 것이죠. 이상, 귀찮아서 짧게 쓴 후기였습니다. 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다.
Among all the artistes, I was thinking the reason I was there was solely to support IU... After 2AM sang three songs, they introduced IU. Then IU hurried onto the centre stage in quick short steps. After performing Jason Mraz's 'Lucky' with 2AM, 2AM exited the stage and IU sang "The Story Only I Didn't Know". The acoustics seemed quite good. The feelings it gave me were unlike that which I've experienced in other usual concerts. Her tone quality was really beautiful. How should I put it? The feeling was like crystal clear water spreading through the air, as these tiny particles blew towards me. Her clear tone quailty was infused with some huskiness and most of all, was the captivating voice that she produced. Even after listening to her CD many times and watching her performances on television, none of the feelings I experienced before could measure up to how I felt at that point in time. Also, she sang very delicately. Even though the first verse and second verse had almost the same music, in the second verse she brought out a much deeper feeling of sorrow. Today, having listened to her sing live with my own ears, I think I finally understand why IU loves this song the most.

After 'The Story Only I Didn't Know' ended, three female dancers below the stage popped up and she went into the next song, 'You Know'. IU abruptly changed her vocals and started off the song with a count of "One, two, three, four!" (Note: She shouted in English) As expected, 'You Know' really brought the atmosphere to a high and was probably the best song out of all. It was both powerful and lively. Next was her final song, "Good Day", which was much anticipated. Even in Japan, the song is quite well-known, so loud cheers erupted among the audience. Although 'Good Day' is a good song, I was feeling slightly apprehensive about her live performance. (Just a feeling) Also, since it's her first performance in Japan, I thought she would perform the 3-level octave, but she didn't. Even without the 3-level octave, she performed well, but I had the strong feeling that the key point of her live performance was missing. Finally, i'll share a bit about the audience responses... both the male and female audiences were gushing about how cute IU was, saying things like "she's really adorable" and "isn't she just like a doll?" As a matter of fact, many of the Japanese watch anime and many of the main characters in Japanese anime look just like IU. Large and bright eyes, a small and cute nose, round cute face and long shapely legs that stretch forever... such a physical appearance would be close to the Japanese ideal type right? Above was my annoyingly brief fan account. Thanks for reading all the way to the end.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Sources: eclipse(jun**) 님 @ daum, avexlive

And IU-chan
The Story Only I Didn't Know → BUMMER forgot the name of the song → Good Day
The songs were cute and she's really talented. She should (become) popular!
7. IU
Out of the artists there, she was the only solo singer.
She wrote a note on her hand, and it was cute watching her look at it while talking.
Speaking of. When IU came out, she was the only solo girl and she ran out to greet everyone by herself. Other people also introduced her saying "IU~", but Yunho also called out "IU!!".
Even though he didn't do that when other people came out... I thought that was really kind ^^;
She's super cuuuute! It was crazy!
Her singing skills are no joke!
I personally wanted to see IU, so I'm glad I got to see her during part 2. However, it kind of stunk that during her 3 pitch high note "Jeongnal" misfired and ended. Even though I wanted to hear it liiive.... I sang along at the same time and finally even though I was ready for it, it didn't happen and instead ♪ "It's beautiful~"is the melody she sang.... It was the first Japanese live for IU, but I wanted her to really dumbfound the audience"


「Lucky (Cover - Jason Mraz &Colbie Caillat)」




After the 3rd song, IU-chan introduced herself <3
IU-chan and (2PM) sang "Lucky (Cover- Jason Mraz&Colbie Caillat)" together <3 It was so goood~~!
Oh my gooosh~
Diiidn't LENA and Onew sing this as a duet before ^^
But, the SHINee fans didn't notice...
Man, there sure are a lot of new fans....
IU-chan is totally cute!
She sings well too!!!
If I were a boy, I would definitely become her fan~
She's already JUST an angel
It's certain with that clear and sonorous singing voice
She continueously kept busting out randomly and saying "Applause~!"
Nice to meet you IU~~
I don't know her at all, but she seems like a cute person o(^▽^)o

Credits: WeheartIU

Will update this post once I find more videos and photos! =)

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