Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sister LOVE =)

Maybe a better title should be Heroes love LOL Cause recently, when IU was filming the first episode for 'Kiss and Cry', Jiyeon and Yoo In Na came by to support her! how sweet is that! =)

아이유의 단짝인 티아라의 지연과 유인나는 특별한 선물로 곰인형을 준비해 <영웅호걸> 팀이 다시 뭉치는 화기애애한 모습을 보였다.

IU's buddies, T-ara's Jiyeon and Yoo In Na, prepare a teddy bear as a special present for IU, showing a harmonious reunion of the 'Heroes' cast.

Credit: WeHeartIU
Source: Star News

The heroes cast are really close to one another. There was once where IU, Jiyeon and Kahi were spotted having lunch together at a restaurant.

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