Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Mexicana Goodies!

Mexicana Chicken in which the chickens or products they offer are no way Mexican released new goodies!

More below!

(1st prize: BMW, 2nd prize: iPad, 3rd prize: Ticket to IU's mini concert)

Credit: WeHeartIU
Source: iuholic

Looks like we can expect a mini Mexicana Chicken Concert soon. Yoohoo!!!!!

But wait...the first prize is a BMW while the second prize is only an Ipad?!?!!?!? That's some crazy prize allocation over there


  1. i only want the third prize lolol

    u can buy bmw and ipad if u hav money but u prob cant buy tickets cause i bet the first day its on sale.. i hav a feeling that its gonna be sold out

  2. Big bang! that's a very interesting analysis you have there lol! That's so true! They shud have made the tickets like the top prize. Who cares about the BMW lol