Friday, May 20, 2011

Kim Yuna and IU cross swords again! (maybe)

Looks like people just love pairing Kim Yuna and IU together. Remember the Samsung Ads?

It looks like there’s a good chance of IU singing the theme song of “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” with the figure skating queen herself!

Last week on May 10th, Kim Yuna filmed an episode of the show, where she delivered a figure skating performance with ten other people.

IU showed up on the set with a figure skating outfit of her own that day, and performed a cute show to the music, earning the applause of the audience.

Afterwards, IU said to Kim Yuna, “I want to sing the theme song for the show with you.” Supposedly, the staff were caught off guard because they had no idea that IU was actually interested.

Kim Yuna responded, “I really like IU. I would love to do it together.”

Composer Lee Min Soo who is known for producing hit tracks like the Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sign” and Jo Kwon and Ga-In’s “We Fell In Love” has been tasked to compose the logo song, with many anticipating how this meeting between the ‘national little sister’ and the ‘best composer’ will turn out.

A representative of SBS stated,”Kim Yuna and IU’s duet recording will be held sometime this month. The logo song will be revealed in June.”

Netizens commented, “Two of the nation’s little sisters’ duet”, “A duet with IU after one with Park Jung Hyun“, and “I’m looking forward to this”. 

Credits: Heartfacee@allkpop
Source: Nate

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