Monday, May 16, 2011

IU's fancafe msg

IU recently left a fancafe message for her birthday!


Ah... my birthday is over..ㅜㅜ The day was too short!! It's already late at night...
Came home after recording the first episode of 'Immortal Classic' and it turned out the day had ended~ keke So nervous! nervousnervousnervousnervousnervousnervousnervous Nervousness on a loop!!!
kekekekeke Still, I listened to a lot of good songs so it was a good day!
How was everyone able to send so many presents ㅜㅜ My manager oppa built some muscles from moving the presents.. keke
I haven't even opened all of them yet... kekeke Thank you so much, everybody~~
Thanks to you, May 16th became a very special day.. hehe Come to think of it, it's been a while since I've written a message!
But that doesn't mean I haven't been visiting this (fan)cafe!! Though I'd be lying if I said everyday, I stop by at least! once every two days^^
Ah.. I'm sleepy.. actually, from the day before I left for Japan until today, I was busy with this and that~ That's why if it weren't for everybody,
I honestly might have forgotten it was my birthday and just let it go by! hehe It feels like only yesterday since last year's birthday came and went.. time sure flies~ doesn't it?
As token of their appreciation, I think my company is in the middle of preparing a fun event for everybody ... hehe Look forward to it!!!
Looks like LOEN is going to heave a sigh over the maknae Lee Jieun letting out a spoiler keke Anyway everybody!! Thank you ^^
From now on, I'll leave lots and lots of messages! Let's get to know each other better!! hehe Before I knew it, we've gained over 70,000 members... *sniffsniff* ㅜㅜ...
Thank you, hurry and get to sleep everybody~~~ *muah* ♥ Thanks to everyone, I have on a great big smile like this.. kekekekeke

Translation: janeberryblue @
Source: Daum Fan Cafe