Friday, April 15, 2011

Inkigayo Magazine April Issue Interview

Your feelings now are probably different from when you appeared on Inkigayo as singers.
IU: Yes, when I was standing on the stage as a singer, I only had to prepare for a 3 minute performance, but for this, I have to deal with my nerves throughout the entire hour. Even right now, I feel quite tense.
Kikwang: I get nervous too, but it's fun. I'll enjoy my job by being entertaining.

What was your reaction upon receiving the offer to become the new Inkigayo MCs?
IU: I've wanted to be an MC on a music program since a long time ago. When I'm promoting my songs, you don't get to see me much, but if I'm the MC for Inkigayo, I get to meet everyone every week. So I told them that I definitely wanted to do this.
Kikwang: The position as an Inkigayo MC is really major, so initially I felt quite burdened, but just being able to stand in this position makes me feel glad. I'm keeping to my promise to work hard and bring better performances for everyone.

Last summer, on MBC Music Core, both of you met one another as special MCs, but the impression you're giving us now as regular SBS Inkigayo MCs seems quite different.
IU: Compared to that time, both of us are not as nervous now. That time, we were really at a loss about what to do, yet we couldn't just stand there and not do anything. With Sulli and Kwonnie-oppa next to us now, we seem much calmer today in comparison. (Laughter)

We're curious about everyone's reactions to both of you becoming Inkigayo MCs.
IU: My unnies on 'Heroes' [NOTE: A variety show for which IU is part of the cast.] read the news article and sent me many texts... Bongsun-unni, Kahi-unni, Inna-unni and Jiyeon. I told them that they'll be able to watch me on today's live broadcast, but they wanted me to confirm that it was true first. (Laughter)
Kikwang: All that my members said was, 'Congratulations, good luck.' Short and sweet. Hehe.

How is it like working with existing MCs Kwon and Sulli?
IU: Certainly, as our seniors, they seem to be different from us. During rehearsal, my microphone didn't work for a moment and straight away, from both sides, they brought their microphones to me... They're really reliable.
Kikwang: Kwon and I have always been friends and Sulli and I are gradually getting to know each other better. (Laughter) Having the seniors around, I think I feel more at ease.

Please say a few words to readers of the Inkigayo magazine.
IU: Filling the position as an Inkigayo MC that so many before me have done well in, there is great pressure on me but I will definitely work hard in order to not give others any trouble!
Kikwang: I will also do my best to maintain SBS Inkigayo's reputation for a long long time. Please watch out for us.

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GO IU!! You are doing well!!!!!! =)

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