Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Update] IU wins at Nickelodeon's Korea Kids Choice Awards 2011

Update: Included a video of IU's thank you speech!

CONGRATS TO ALL FANS OF IU!!!!CAUSE IU WON!!!!!!!!!! *partying partying partying yeah!*

Popular children’s entertainment channel, Nickelodeon, recently held their annual “Korea Kids Choice Awards 2011 (KKCA 2011)” show. The awards were determined by polls held on Nick’s online site, which were open from March 15 to April 3. With seven categories to vote in, a total of 7415 people participated.

In the “My Favorite Female Singer” category, IU won with 47% of the total (or 3496 votes), managing to beat the formidable Girls Generation. The award for “My Favorite Male Singer” went to 2PM, who received 39% of the votes (or 2917 votes). 2AM, the winner of the award last year, dropped to second place. Yoo Jaesuk won “My Favorite Comedian” with a whopping 57% (or 4246 votes), proving the overwhelming public support for the comedian.

Other winners included “Fairly Odd Parents” Timmy’s fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, as “My Favorite Couple. “My Favorite Nickelodeon Star” and “My Favorite TV Animation” went to Spongebob Squarepants, making it his second win in two consecutive years. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was chosen over “Tangled, “Superbad” and “Megamind” as “My Favorite Movie.”

Credits: Lucy@Koreaboo
Source: Nanumnews

WOW She even beat the hot favorite SNSD! Now that's something to be proud of =) It's only Tuesday but it's still good for partying =)



  1. My daughter loves to watch SpongeBob Square Pants on Nickelodeon. Good thing I subscribe to DISH Network so that if e are not home she can always get TV everywhere with the Sling box from DISH Network. As a DISH employee I can tell you that DISH is the only TV provider that offers ALL your channels you get at home, on-the-go. Ho to

  2. omo...IU-shidae=iu generation^^
    i'm so happy for her and yoo jae suk

  3. yupyup! me too!!!!!! hope she wins more awards haha