Saturday, April 16, 2011

IU, “Declined ‘I am a Singer’? No! Never Got an Offer”

Some people have come up with rumors that the national younger sister and the most popular artist, IU has declined the offer to appear on the show “I am a Singer” but her management company said “we think the order has been reversed.”

IU’s side told Star News, “the staff of ‘I am a Singer’ have not requested an appearance from IU yet. How can anyone say that IU refused the offer when no such request came at all from their side?”

They continued, “IU never refused the appearance request and just to clarify once again, she never got the request at all.”

Even before this, lots of rumors came up where IU was said to be appearing on the show.

IU is currently discussing things with the staff of the upcoming show “Kiss and Cry,” which will air after “Heroes” ends.

IU’s representatives said “it is true that she is discussing for her possible appearance on ‘Kiss and Cry.’ No final decision has been made yet.”

Credits: Dongie@askactor
Source: Star News

Just felt that it would be great to see IU on "I am a singer" I am quite sure she will win (besides the fact that we can expect a great performance haha)

Anyway for those unfamiliar with the show "I am a singer", it is basically a reality show where a group of celebrity singers compete on stage to see who is the best of them all. Every week there will be a new theme as well as a contestant being eliminated.

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