Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IU looks further into her acting career

IU will be looking to further her acting career.

IU recently debuted as an actress in the drama “Dream High.” She took the role of Pilsook, who transformed from obese teenager to IU with only her love for Jason. She came out as a cute and lovely character, creating nicknames such as “Pilsook-mon” “milk couple.”

Since then, other works that want IU as a cast are flowing in. Her management company said “since Dream High, scripts and scenarios continue to come in. IU has felt that acting is fun so she is looking forward to choosing one of the scenarios. She hasn’t decided yet since she was really busy with ‘Good Day’ and other songs that followed and doesn’t want to overwork herself. But if a scenario really interests her and she really wants to do it, we won’t be stopping her.”

IU is also working as an MC of “Inkigayo.”

Credits: Dongie@askactor.com
Source: Sports Chosun

Glad that things are going well for her. GO IU!!!! =)

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  1. i love you IU ! :)) goodluck in your career! hoping for more project to come! AHJA unni! muaa***