Friday, April 15, 2011

I sense another scandal

Why do I say so? Read on...

Very friendly pictures between singers IU and Seo In Kook have been revealed.

On April 14th, a famous online portal bulletin uploaded the photos (seen above) along with the comment, “The always joyful photoshoot of IU and Seo In Kook.”

In the pictures, the two singers are displaying a cute ‘campus couple’ atmosphere for an advertisement photoshoot. With her pigtails and suspenders, IU is fully showing off her cute charms. Seo In Kook, on the other hand, is showing off his broad shoulders in a pinstriped shirt. Also, their pleasant appearance even off camera has been garnering much interest.

Netizens stated, “The two are lasting a long time as a pictorial couple” and “They really look good together! Take this chance and date each other!”

Source: Nate

Haha don't you all sense another scandal coming up? Sigh IU should learn to control her charms sometimes LOL

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