Friday, February 18, 2011

IU closer to Wooyoung due to 'Dream High'

Do you smell milk (WooU is milky in Korean) in the air? Sorry had to do it hee

On February 17, on SBS "Night of TV Entertainment" IU said "Wooyoung likes to buy snacks for me", also added that "he takes care of me really well on the drama set."

In KBS 2TV 'Dream High', IU and Wooyoung have a loveline as Kim Pilsuk and Jason. Wooyoung, who just debuted as an actor revealed that "I have to practice a lot to adjust my accent."

Whenever there is free time, IU and Wooyoung tease each other. When asked if Wooyoung took good care of her, while laughing 3 times, IU said "he likes to buy me snacks often."

IU is also preparing for her new song 'The Story Only I Didn't Know."

Here's the video clip of the interview!

Credits: shampoo@2ONEDAY.COM
Source:  Pingbook

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