Friday, February 18, 2011

Kim Yuna VS IU

Remember a while ago, we reported about IU's Hoppin CF? Debates has arose because of this! Check out the translated article under the cut!

Translated article:
Samchon fans are debating on who is better between IU and Kim Yuna by comparing their phone CFs.

IU was made into a model for Anycall back in January.

In the CF, IU is trying to get a fan to look at her even though he is so absorbed into the MV that is playing on his phone. She talked in a cute voice, saying things like “I’m IU, you’ll regret it if you don’t look at me.”
Not only this, Kim Yuna was also picked as Anycall’s model for ‘Wave 2.’ The teaser was released and is making fans go crazy.

Kim Yuna does a wave with her long legs and arms. In the last part, she smiles at the camera, melting the hearts of fans.

The netizens are having a great time trying to pick who is better.
Source: Star News

I would chose IU definitely! How about you?

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