Friday, February 18, 2011

IU going for 5 hit streak?

IU is looking to extend her streak to 5 by landing her newest song into the number 1 spot!!!!

IU’s new song “Story I didn’t know” is attempting for an ‘all kill’ by taking over the music charts, on and offline. On Melon, the song is currently in 1st place, and “Someday” IU’s song from Dream High OST is in second place, effectively making the battle for first place IU vs IU.

Soribada has listed “Story I Didn’t Know” as first place and another song from her mini album “Cruel Fairy Tale” as second.

She is ranked first place in “Monkey 3” as well as 

IU has been getting first place with all of her songs that she has released since June of last year, starting with Nagging. From Nagging, to It’s You with Sung Si Kyung, and Good Day, her songs have been at the top every time.

With Someday being a big hit, it’s likely that her new song will continue this trend to extend her streak to 5. It’s ironic how IU’s songs that were released before the new album are still in the running for the top song, putting IU against IU.

Source: Sport Chosun

Not really if it's Good Day against Some day, just happy that IU's songs are all on the charts! =)

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