Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pilsook loves IU and IU loves Pilsook

In the most recent episode of ' Dream High', fans found out that Pilsook is a fan of IU! as thou they were different people lol
Translated article:
Many viewers of popular drama “Dream High” have taken great interest in the subtle appearances of singer IU’s real name and pictures throughout the drama.

On the 12th episode of “Dream High”, which was broadcast on February 14th, Pilsook (IU) was seen looking through her finished profile for her upcoming showcase performance.
What caught the attention of viewers was the website address that was written on Pilsook’s profile. While the other cast members used their character names for this section, Pilsook had actually wrote her real life name, “www.kirinas.com/IU”.

Another time was in the 9th episode, when Pilsook visited the library to pick out a nuptial song to sing. Out of all the music scores that were in the library, Pilsook had a look through the score for IU’s latest comeback track, “Good Day”.

Viewers commented, “Is Pilsook part of IU’s fanclub?” and “It’s kind of exciting trying to find the subtle instances when IU’s name is shown.”

Meanwhile, “Dream High” viewer ratings have been climbing up the rankings, registering 16.7% for the most recent episode on the 14th.
Credits: Vitalwarning@allkpop
Source: Star news

I have to admit, it is really quite interesting to see life imitating art imitating life =)

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