Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real+ mini album and "The story only I didn't know" MV!

Before I start this post, let's just enjoy the main course first ya?

"The Story Only I didn't know" MV

Marking a 180 degree change from her song, “Good Day“, IU’s newest title song tells the sad break-up story of a mysterious girl, played by actress Park Bo Young. IU also makes her appearance in the music video, portraying the conscious of the girl.

Having been composed by the famous singer, Yoon Sang, the song captures the nostalgia a girl feels for her ex-lover. Yoon Sang also participated in the music video as well, acting as the girl’s ex-lover who fleets between the girl’s fantasy and reality.

“The Story Only I Didn’t Know” shows off IU’s mature vocal skills and incorporates the sounds of piano and stringed instruments. Especially notable for its sentimental lyrics, the sad love song marks IU’s transition from a girl to a lady.

Her new mini plus album is a follow up to the original and contains three new tracks, including her promotion track, “Story I Didn’t Know“, “Cruel Fairy Tale“, and a second version of “Story I Didn’t Know” (collaboration with pianist, Kim Gwang Min).

Audios of the 3 songs and concept photos to be found below!


IU is set to begin her promotions for her newest album on February 18th through “Music Bank“!! SO anticipate her performance!!! =)

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