Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kim Soo Hyun's Birthday Bash

Taecyeon recently tweeted about Kim Soo Hyun's birthday on the set dream high and released this photo!

The birthday boy Soo Hyun’s cream-covered face showed the virtue of his friends’ “powerful love”. Wooyoung posed with a cream covered “V” while “trend” IU and Taecyeon smiled brightly in midst of the group. Dream High’s trio Suzy-Eunjung-Joodo stood behind the birthday boy in the photo.

Netizens wrote, “the popular drama showed unmatched team support. Not a single member is missing,” and “Wooyoung must be responsible for the terror on Kim Soo Hyun’s face. 2PM is the music industry’s joker,” sharing their amusement.

Besides him, Eunjung also released photos of the birthday bash through her tweeter. Check it out!

  Eunjung tweeted,
Happy Birthday Song Sam Dong >_< The set is warm even though it’s busy!♥"
 Fans commented, “Hul… He looks cool even with cake all over his face” “Wow they must have hit him hard on the face, the cake is completely destroyed!… [I think Jason is the suspect]” and “Happy birthday Soo Hyun

Credits: nanunmaro@allkpop, chloejn@allkpop
Source: Nate
             Eunjung's tweeter

Seriously, they have really bonded well =) lol

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