Sunday, February 13, 2011

IU's old forum questions surfaced!

A post written by IU for Naver’s ‘KnowledgeiN‘ service before her debut has recently been discovered by netizens. Go under the cut to check out the translated article! =)

The post first re-surfaced on an online community site under the title, “IU KnowledgeiN”, and it’s garnered a huge amount of views and comments. Fans were able to verify that the account was hers since she used the same ID as the one she currently uses for her fancafe posts.

The first question she asked was, “Hello, I’m going to be participating in our school’s athletics competition by singing. They told me to prepare a fun ballad. I’m a girl, and I was thinking of Big Mama’s ‘Resignation‘ and Rumble Fish’s ‘A Day of Good Premonition.‘ But they said that I’d bring down the atmosphere if I sang a ballad, so could you please suggest a few songs that would liven up the atmosphere, as well as a ballad that doesn’t bring it down!!”

The post greatly amused netizens because it got no responses; still, netizens were impressed by this display of her genuine interest in music. They wrote, “Even when she was little, she had the blood of a singer running through her,” “Even her song choices make her stand out”, and “No matter what she sings, it all becomes a song of support!”

IU also asked a separate question about what a diencephalon was, and even went as far as to provide pictures of her subject. Once answered by another netizen, IU replied with a message of gratitude.

Netizens commented, “Her typos are so cute,” and “If she asks me now, I could probably answer all of them for her!”

Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop
Source: Daum

Photos of IU when she was young keeps surfacing recently and dang, she was cute =) and still is lol

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