Friday, February 11, 2011

'Good Day' Popular in Japan as well!

Recently, an article surfaced on IU's popularity in Japan!

Translated article:

The hottest trend in the Korean music industry… #1 choice for Japanese scouts.

She’s receiving ‘love calls’* from famous Japanese record labels.

Singer IU has recently received serious offers from throughout the Japanese record industry.

According to her agency LOEN Entertainment, since January, Japanese production companies and record labels have inquired about IU’s possible advancement into the Japanese market.

In light of the popularity of Korean singers made possible by the likes of SNSD and KARA, scouts from various Japanese agencies have taken much interest in IU since the release of ‘Good Day’ in December when she became known as ‘the pop industry’s hottest trend,’ so much that she is the #1 focus of most Japanese scouts today. Furthermore, she’s sparked even more interest ever since the official Japanese broadcast of the drama ‘Dream High’ through the satellite channel ‘DATV’, which started on Jan. 27th .

A representative from LOEN Entertainment stated, “Since the start of the new year, we’ve received many phone calls and e-mails from Japanese record labels asking whether there is any specific timeline in mind for IU’s entrance into the Japanese market,” and “We’ve received contact from the top record labels in Japan.”

This representative further stated, “Though we’ve always considered advancements into the Japanese market, we don’t want to rush things, as our foremost priority is to maintain a stronghold in the Korean industry,” and “As for any future timelines, we have yet to begin official discussions on this matter.”

Looking at the situation, it seems very possible that IU may debut in Japan as early as the second half of this year. By summertime, ‘Dream High’ is projected to be broadcast on national Japanese broadcast stations, and it seems likely that along with promotions for the drama, IU could also start her promotions as a singer.

Meanwhile, IU will release her 3rd mini-plus album ‘REAL+’ on the 17th. The title track ‘A Story Only I Didn’t Know’ is a ballad written by singer-songwriter Yoon Sang.

*Translator's note: 'Love calls' are offers made by companies for deals/endorsements.

It's a struggle ya? We want IU to promote in Japan so as to showcase the talents that IU have, while on the other hand, it also means we will see her less in Korea. What do you all think?

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