Monday, February 7, 2011

Corinne Bailey Rae's First Korean Concert!

Is this an advertisement for Corinne Bailey Rae? Erm no and yes! The reason for this post is because Corinne Bailey Rae is going to have a special guest for her first korean concert and she is none other then.....
IU revealed that she was delighted to perform for the British musician, simply because Corinne Bailey Rae is her personal role model. “As a dedicated fan, I am very excited to be on the same stage with her,” said IU. “It is an honor.”

The two previously met at the Jisan Rock Festival, which IU attended for a recording of “Infinity Challenge“. At the festival, the two exchanged greetings, which eventually lead to Corinne Bailey Rae inviting IU to be a special guest in her upcoming concert.

Corinne heard IU sing and complimented her with,“She is young but the soul in her singing voice is outstanding.” The concert will be held at AX Korea on March 10th.

In case you all are unsure who Corinne Bailey Rae is, here is one of her works:
And IU once did a cover of her "Like a Star":
And since I have been spamming videos I shall just spam one more of IU's cover

Credits: kimchisteve@allkpop, youtube uploaders
Source: Newsen

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