Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Secret garden to Circus garden

Remember awhile back we reported that IU had a date with Kim Tae Woo and subsequently recorded a song together?

Well the show has been broadcasted! Check out the unsubbed video under the cut!
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Credits: Pilsuk@youtube

According to an article, Kim Tae Woo wanted to strengthen his stomach muscles with sit-ups in order to sing IU’s ‘3-high-note‘ which was very similar to the ‘sit-up kiss scene‘ from ‘Secret Garden’, which is supposed to be a very romantic atmosphere.

Unfortunately for Kim Tae Woo, this atmosphere quickly turned comedic when IU, who was holding Kim Tae Woo’s legs, couldn’t overcome his weight – causing her to be lifted in the air. Their attempt at a romantic ‘Secret Garden’ scene became a hilarious ‘Circus Garden’ moment.

IU also tried to do sit-ups, but revealing that she has always disliked exercise, she was satisfied after doing just 3 sit-ups. The two singers made fun memories as they laughed at themselves and their situation.

LOL what a funny couple! Hope you all enjoyed the video as I did. I will be trying to find subbed videos of it. Stay tuned!


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