Monday, June 20, 2011

IU's Dream is to produce a special album containing only her original compositions

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At the fanmeeting, fans held up their usual banner with the message, "We're here for IU" and with IU's fancafe going up the rankings from 17th position to 10th position recently, proving that the support from her fans has helped her to grow during this period of time.

But to IU, who is currently still a teenager, with regards to her favourite moments as a singer and in response to questions from fans about her future plans as a singer, she said, "My dream is to produce a special album containing only my original compositions" and now that she is enjoying great popularity, it seems that she has to handle things even more carefully now.

Amidst an entertainment industry full of ups and downs, many trends come and go. So her rationale is to solidify her position in the days following her 1004th and also avoid having any weak points, such that she can happily continue to progress into the future.

(*Note: Other details about what went on at the fanmeeting were omitted from this translation)

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: 10 asiae
Original article: 10Asia

Go IU!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! We will support you!!!! hmmm why do I suddenly hear "Dream High" being played in the background?

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