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Sweet Hometown Trip= Dalgona

Update 14/06/2011: Watch the full episode here!

The show is finally aired! And to fill in on those who missed the show, here is synopsis on what was covered!

PS: Am trying to find the video for this show. Wish me luck!

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On the SBS show 'Sweet Hometown Trip', IU's uncles and unnies brought along her childhood photos during the recording of this episode, drawing much attention, as these photos of IU from the family photo album have not been revealed before.

Looking at the photos from when she was 1 year old, to her kindergarten days, one can easily observe the great changes she underwent during this period of development.

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Furthermore, another hot issue on this broadcast is regarding the 'neoprint guy'. Previously, when these photos ended up being spread all over the Internet, IU explained, "He's not my boyfriend, just an oppa I liked," but IU was still taken aback the moment those neoprints appeared on the large screen.

The neoprint guy himself, Goo Myung Hoon, who attended the recording, then said, "I was trolled by uncle fans and suffered threats from them after the neoprints I took with IU were revealed" and went on to reveal the truth between them.

He said, “I’m the guy in the sticker picture. Fans still didn’t believe [our relationship] when IU said on TV that I was an oppa that she had once liked and not her boyfriend.”

He elaborated on their relationship, saying, “We are just an oppa and dongsaeng to each other. We were once very close as we attended the same acting school. I’m definitely not her boyfriend.” He explained that they took the sticker picture to celebrate IU’s move and did not have any deep meaning.

In particular, in response to IU's suggestion to meet her outside later, he said, "I'll have a meal with you, but it's not a date," drawing laughter from everyone in the audience.

Even in the 'thanks to' note in IU's album, she did not forget to include his name, proving the special bond between them.

IU's first love appeared as well and shared an interesting story

Our ‘liking’ timings weren’t right. When I confessed, she rejected me. Later on, Ji Eun told me that she liked me and gave me an invitation to her birthday party, saying, ‘If you like me too, then come to my birthday party’. But I refused at that time.

IU responded by saying, “When I said previously on TV that there was a boy I liked for the first time ever [in my life], it was him. He’s my first love. He grew up well and handsome.”

IU’s first love reportedly resembles actor Lee Jang Woo, and he’s known for his leadership skills since he was the class representative all throughout his middle and high school career.

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Also, a different charm of the cute IU was revealed. IU's cousin appeared and revealed that IU had a hidden instinct of sexy dancing.

Her cousin who had grown up with IU since they were young said, "When we were students, I used to go to karaoke with Ji Eun everyday once school ended. To be honest, although Ji Eun is good at singing, when we go to karaoke, she's also good at dancing sexy." Also, she requested that IU does a sexy dance on the spot.

IU was embarrassed by her cousin's sudden request but showed her hidden 'Three-step sexy wave', surprising everyone.

Also, an oppa, who was a regular at the karaoke that IU and her cousin often frequented, appeared and encouraged IU, who had practiced singing everyday at the karaoke and had believed in her dream of being a singer.

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