Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seoul Osaka Music of the Heart 2011

IU just performed at this event! I do not have a lot of materials for this post yet but still wanna post it while it is still hot =) Will update it when I have more stuff! =)

This concert was organised by SBS, so it followed pretty much the same format as Inkigayo, with the same 4 MCs except Jokwon, who was replaced by FTI’s Hongki. IU sang ‘Good Day’ and ‘You Know’, but something went wrong with the sound system halfway, so she apologised in Japanese, “ごめんなさい (gomenasai)”. After the concert, much like Tokyo Legend previously, there was another twitter explosion of ‘IU is so cute’.

Just to let you know how many people attended the event:

It was crazy =)
 Credits: Squishyblob@WeheartIU
 Sources: 낭만자객단 @ Daum, ㄹㅇㄴ @ dc inside

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