Friday, June 10, 2011

IU becomes Hyun Bin after 80% reduction in pitch

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IU's "Good Day" becomes Hyun Bin's "Good Day"?

On the KBS 2TV show "Sponge Zero", which was broadcasted on June 10th, IU's "Good Day" turned into Hyun Bin's "Good Day".

The production crew of the show found that by reducing the pitch of IU's "Good Day" by 80%, one would hear Hyun Bin's voice and that Hyun Bin's actual voice is also 92% lower than IU's.

Even IU, the original singer of the song, was taken aback upon hearing this version and acknowledged that it became Hyun Bin's "Good Day".

Hyun Bin's face was then superimposed on IU's "Good Day" music video and brought laughter to everyone in the studio.

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Besides "Good Day", there were also other songs that produced the same effect. 30 members from Hyun Bin's fanclub selected 7 songs that sounded like Hyun Bin's voice after pitch manipulation and Jang Yun Jeong's "Oh My Goodness" was found to be most similar.

Here's a proof!

(*Note: The video isn't up yet so I don't know if they actually played the Hyun Bin version on the show, but someone tested this on a DSI)

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: X Sports news
Original article: Nate 

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