Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kim Tae Woo Hurt by IU

Before you all go "WHAAAAAAAT!??!!" ok maybe only me let me reassure you, it's not that serious lol

On March 22nd, singer Kim Tae Woo guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and revealed that he was once hurt by IU.

Kim Tae Woo began, “IU once chose me as her ideal man. I received a lot of congratulatory text messages and even landed first on portal search rankings thanks to that. Although I’ve been in this industry for 12 years, I’ve never had a female celebrity say that she liked me, so I was really surprised with her move and wondered to myself why IU would like me.”

He continued, “Later, I had the opportunity to go on a couple date with her for a Lunar New Year program. She never once called me ‘oppa’ then. I told her that it was okay to be comfortable around me, but she respected my position and insisted on calling me ’senior.’ The PD eventually stepped in to ask her if it was true that she really liked me, to which she replied, ‘No, I respect him.’ She’s quite the smart girl!”

To conclude, he stated, “I was hurt that she didn’t like me, but respected me. I’m glad that I was her official ideal man, but I feel like she used me.”

MC Lee Seung Gi asked, “Then are you saying that you’re not glad that she chose you as her ideal man?” To the amusement of the studio, Kim Tae Woo replied, “Of course I am happy. Wouldn’t anyone be happy to be called IU’s ideal man?”

Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop
Source: Nate

Haha, he got the last part right. Think any man would have loved to be IU's Ideal man

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